User Flows

User Experience Design and Careers. Join us to discuss getting into the field of UX and Digital Product Design. I'll be speaking with experts in the field who typically didn't start in this field. They'll tell you how to get started as a UX/UI and Product Designer, what you need to know, and how to land your first job.


Learning, Teaching and Practicing UX Design with Shalyn Oswald
Show Details51min 12s
On being open & transparent while being "open to new work." UX Recruiting with Jared Tredly
Show Details45min 39s
UX Interns. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of progress.
Show Details41min 4s
The Life of a UX Design Nomad from Costa Rica to China with Carlos Lastres
Show Details29min 11s
The journey from sales specialist to a career in User Experience Design with Viet Hoang
Show Details46min 1s
UX Community Building with Jeffrey Paul Coleman
Show Details48min 49s
The journey from UX Mentee to UX Mentor with Mariyam Elshrief
Show Details31min 56s
Cultivating a Sense of Why. UX Research and Management with Ellie Millen
Show Details34min 41s
EP10. Enterprise Design Sprints at scale with Caryn Gallis. Director of Experience Design, Culture & Training at Prudential Financial.
Show Details38min 7s
EP9. Defining Your Role as a UX Designer with Samuel Harper
Show Details38min
EP8. Building UX Products with Impact! Interview with 4-time Entrepreneur Steven Cohn
Show Details59min 41s
EP7. Digital Hospitality with Ty Fujimura
Show Details35min 18s
EP6. Did you even read the job description? UX interviewing with Mike Reed
Show Details37min 4s
EP5. Landing your first UX/UI Design role with Ivan Crego
Show Details37min 59s
EP4. What is UX and what does a UX designer do all day?
Show Details25min 16s
EP3. Passion meets Design Operations with Evan Tyerman
Show Details44min 40s
EP2. Interview with Brian Evans - Accessibility is really about decency
Show Details31min 57s
EP1. Welcome to User Flows Podcast
Show Details12min 53s