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187 - NBA & NHL Playoffs, Premier League Soccer
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186 - NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft, Dr. Strange review
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185 - Sports Headlines, NFL Draft, NBA, MLB
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184 - MLB, XFL/USFL, Masters, New Movies
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183 - Final Four, UNC/Duke, MLB, Movies Reviews
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182 - March Madness, NFL free agents, The Franchise - Lakers
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181 - March Madness, NFL Free Agency, Academy Awards Predictions
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180 - March Madness Predictions, NBA playoff predictions, Movie Reviews - The Batman & Uncharted
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179 - Juwan Howard, NBA 75, MLB, New Batman movie
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178 - Super Bowl Recap, True MVP?, NFL QB drama, Trivia - NBA, NHL or Fiction
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177 - NFL Playoffs/Super Bowl prep, NBA pre-playoff update
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176 - NFL Unreal Playoffs, Baseball HOF
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175 - Georgia wins!, NFL playoffs, Boba Fett
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174 - Football playoffs, John Madden, and Movies (Spiderman No Way Home)
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173 - CFB Matchups, Coaching changes, and Holiday movies
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172 - Michigan Mauls Ohio State, Coaching Carousel, NFL parity poop party
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171 - Hall of Fames, MLB, NCAA Football, James Bond
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170 - Veterans' Day, College Football, & NFL Free Agents
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169 - Braves win! Chemistry or Momentum?, CFP drama
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168 - Most Likeable Athletes/Coaches, World Series - Go Braves!
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167 - Sport Trades that almost happened, LSU next coach, movies and Star Wars ride
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166 - NFL pretenders or contenders, MLB playoffs, NCAA Football
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165 - MLB Playoffs, NFL Brady or Belichick, NCAA Matchups
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164 - NFL surprises, NCAA Football upsets, Perspective time
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163 - NFL predictions, NCAA over-reactions, football trivia
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162 - Cam Newton, NFL, Little League Baseball, NCAA
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161 - Man Mistakes, Madden predicts, NFL talk, NCAA
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160 - Tebow & NFL preseason, NBA, MLB, & Messi
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159 - Olympics wrap-up, College football, Movie Review - Suicide Squad
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158 - Olympics, NBA Free Agents & Draft, SEC drama
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157 - Olympics - Best/Worst/New/Coverage, NBA, Space Jam
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156 - Boys of Summer Podcast - Tokyo Olympics, MLB All-star game, Biggest MLB team disappointments
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155 - NBA Finals, NHL finals, Soccer Euro Cup, Best Sports Videos
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154 - NBA Finals - Go Suns!, NHL windup, MLB all-star game
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153 - NCAA Court ruling, NBA draft/playoffs, NHL
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152 - NHL & NBA Playoffs, Our Mt Rushmore of Favorite Players, future football leagues
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151 - Coach K retiring, Celtics big moves, Amusement Park rides
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150 - Best NBA Playoff Performer?, Adam Vinateri & NFL top scorers, Zindane, and NHL
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149 - NHL Playoffs awesome! NBA predictions, Story of Drew Robinson
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148 - NHL & NBA Playoffs, Tim Tebow
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147 - Aaron Rodgers, NFL draft, Mother's Day
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146 - NFL Draft History/Drama, NBA & NHL Playoffs, MLB teams blah start
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145 - NHL during COVID, Is Durant Durable enough?, NFL draft & more
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144 - NBA talk, NFL Draft, the Masters, and College transfer rule
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143 - Basketball (Baylor & NBA), NFL Quarterbacks, and Little Debbie Final four
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142 - Elite 8, Who is Tinkle? or Tinkle Trivia, NFL, and MLB
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141 - March Madness, Favorite Upsets, Coaching Carousel
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140 - Greatest Irish American Athletes Debated, March Madness, NFL Free Agents
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135 - March Madness, Sports Injuries, Women's Sports
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138 - NBA stars, NFL beast, NHL?
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137 - Tiger - Tragic Hero or Compelling character?, NFL Quarterback talk, NHL, March Madness
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136 - Biggest Winners in Sports?, NBA update, and favorite sports jerseys
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135 - Super Bowl Recap, Lebron vs. Brady - biggest winner?
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134 - NFL Super Bowl 55 - Breakdown, Predictions, Coaches
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133 - NFL Packers - who's the blame?, Chiefs rule, QBs on the move, and NBA talk
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132 - NFL Headlines/Playoffs, Forced trades in NFL & NBA, & 5 good minutes of NHL
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131b - NFL Playoffs, Alabama & Saban roll, Favorite Super Bowl performers
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130 - NFL Playoff Bracketology, CFP Championship game, Coaches and Rumors
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129 - 2020 Sports in Review, Best, Worst, and Strangest
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Holiday Edition - Christmas Stories, NCAA Football Playoffs
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128 - NFL Playoffs Predictions, QB Shuffle, NCAA Football
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127 - NFL latest, NBA preview, PS5 Review
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126 - NFL & NCAA Football COVID Implications
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125 - Thanksgiving edition, NFL surprisingly good season, NBA draft
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124 - NBA Trades, NFL mid-season slumps, Olympics Memories Dream Team
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6 - Stan Musial & 1956 All-Star Game (tribute to Clifford Watts)
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123 - NFL match-ups, College Football and Covid-19, the Masters
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122 - NFL Upsets, College Football Best Teams, and Connecticut Rules!
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121 - NFL Best Teams & Pretenders, World Series, and College Football
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120 - NFL surprises, LeBron and the greatness debate, and MLB playoffs
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119 - NBA Finals, NFL surprises, MLB playoffs, and College Football
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118 - NFL awesome games, NHL finals, MLB, NBA & golf!
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117 - NFL 1st week, NBA & NHL playoffs, and college football for all?
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116 - NBA & NHL Playoff Predictions, NHL Highest Paid & Overpaid Players
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115 - NBA playoffs, College Football, Favorite Comedy Movies
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114- Puppy for the Greer Family, the Great Outdoors, NFL, NHL, MLB
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113- Crazy & Perplexing College Football!
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112 - College Football in 2020?, NBA Bubble, NHL Playoffs
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111 - MLB stars & virus, NHL fights & goals, NBA Bubble, NCAA vs. Power 5
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110 - NFL & Antonio Brown, NBA predictions & the Bubble, MLB, and Game Balls & Terrible Towels.
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Christopher Nolan Day - Inception Anniversary & His other movies
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109 - What Sports will Survive COVID-19?, The delayed Summer Movies of 2020
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108 - COVID-19, Risks of MLS, NBA, MLB, and new name Washington NFL
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107 - 4th of July Celebrations, the Return of Sports?, NFL, and Charlie Daniels
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DAD 2020 Show - Dad jokes, Dad lessons, Dad wisdom?
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106 - Golf is good, MLB is sad, NBA is coming, Space Force is decent
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105 - NFL Statement on Protests, Major Sports (NBA, MLB, NHL) coming back after COVID-19
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104 - The Return of the NBA?, MLB messing with the Minor Leagues, and what we are doing during the pandemic.
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103 - Old Guys talking about Memorial Day, Honoring veterans, and the comeback of sports
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102 - Sports after COVID-19, Last of the "Last Dance"
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PTC - Michael Jordan Best Stories - The Last Dance
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101 - The Last Dance, MJ is the true GOAT, and MLB coming back.
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100 - The Last Dance, Michael Jordan, Comeback sports!
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99 - NFL Draft by team, The Last Dance
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98 - NFL Draft preview - Talent? Need? Top picks!
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97 - Toughest People in Sports/Movies, What We Have Learned in Quarantine, and Hall of Fame predictions
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Master Class - Best MLB Outfielders Ever!
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Master Class - NFL Best Lineup 2010's
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Master Class - Best MLB Lineup of the 2000's
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96 - Sports Talk - Random Stories and Curiosities
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Master Class - 1990's Best Player Line-up
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Master Class - 70's College Basketball
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95 - NFL drama, Sports on TV, Kenny Rogers
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94 - NFL free agents, Tommy Brady, and classic tv shows.
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93 - Lakers/Clippers, Tommy Brady, NFL, sports & viruses
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91 - Dangerous Sports, Dwayne Retirement, Hockey Goalie saves the day!
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90 - NBA All-star game, Houston Astrisks/Astros, XFL
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89 - Baseball Old Time Clips, Songs, and Jokes
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88 - NBA trades, XFL, NHL predictions
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The Movie Show - Oscars Predictions
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86 - Super Bowl game, commercials, and half-time.
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85 - Kobe Bryant tribute, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl
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84 - NFL Super Bowl Match-up, Aaron Hernandez story, and MLB cheating
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Boys of Summer # 47 - Cheating in Houston & Boston
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83 - NFL Playoffs, QB Mania!
Show Details55min 41s
82 - NFL playoffs, New Years Resolutions for the Sports world
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#81 - NFL Coaching carousel, NCAA Football Playoffs, Star Wars
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#80 - NFL awards, Dallas Cowboys, Christmas traditions
Show Details54min 27s
Boys of Summer # 46 - Free Agency & Holiday Favorites
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#79 - NFL playoff picture, Holiday favorites
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# 78 - LSU, Ohio State - College football playoffs, NFL playoffs
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#77 - College Football playoffs, NFL playoffs, Holiday movies
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# 76 - Thanksgiving football trivia, food, & rude coach stories
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#75 - NFL, NCAA Football, and NBA
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# 74 - NCAA violations, Football, NFL Upsets, Movies
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# 73 - NFL ramblings, ratings, and a salute to Veterans
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# 72 - Best Teams in NCAA Football, NFL, and World Series talk
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# 71 - NFL, NCAA Football, & NBA preview
Show Details1hr 11min
Boys of Summer # 45 - World Series Show Nationals vs Astros
Show Details50min 18s
#70 Nationals win!, NFL Officials stink, and College Football (Notre Dame fans love us)
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# 69 - Southern Take on NFL, Tale of Two Cities & College Football picks
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# 68 - NFL Surprises, Big Disappointments, NCAA football, MLB Playoffs
Show Details52min 58s
#67 - College Football matchups, NFL predictions, MLB playoffs
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# 66 - NFL strange stories, College Football predictions
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# 66 - NFL, NCAA Football, Cheaters!, Old man quotes
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# 65 - NFL signings, NCAA Football
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# 64 - Luck in the NFL, Pro Sports, Gronkowski sayings
Show Details47min 18s
#63 - NFL preview - Wide Receivers
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# 62 - College Football - Best of Show
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# 61 - MLB playoff talk, NCAA football top 25, NFL helmets are the best!
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# 60 - MLB Trades, NFL preseason, LeBron
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# 59 - NFL - "We can't wait" show
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# 58 - NBA player ranking, the best sports traditions, MLB
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# 57 - NBA trades, Summer Movies, Spiderman
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# 56 - NBA free agents, MLB all-stars, famous sports celebrations
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#55 - NBA free agents, summer sports, random takes
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Pardon the Confusion
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