HEX - File 0113 - Aeris and the Sarah Saga - pt 3

Season 3 | Episode 113
1h 3m | Oct 20, 2023

Welcome back to the human exception, this week we take a long awaited dive back into the Jen Saga. Aeris knew Jen and Jack back in 2001 and was probably one of the first people that really challenged or questioned Jen until their spectacular fallout in Summer 2002. Aeris then disappears off the radar, until 2008 when a user in the livejournal housemate horror group begins publishing a multi part story about this "insane roommate" that would eventually be known as the Sarah Saga. The story really picked up steam when a member of the Something Awful forum declared that Sarah was Aeris from the FF7 house story forever galvanizing the Sarah Saga to the FF7 House story. But was it true? Was it even about Aeris? This has been debated for well over a decade, and despite Aeris's name getting tied to this she never came forward to tell her side, until now. 

Part 3

  • The Truth: What is actually true about the Sarah Saga? Where did this come from? Who wrote it and why?

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