HEX - File 0123 - Laura R Samotin, the Debut Author

Season 4 | Episode 123
1h 28m | Feb 9, 2024

We have a very special guest, Laura R Samotin author of The Sins on Their Bones, a queer, historical fantasy book rooted deep in Jewish folklore and mysticism. Halli got the opportunity to get an early read of this book and was blown away so she had to bring Laura on so that we could talk about her inspirations and the stories behind this deeply personal novel.

This episode is split in two parts, the first portion will be spoiler free, but the latter will be full of spoilers so don't listen to that if you'd rather wait to find out for yourself, which we highly encourage. Don't worry we'll make it very clear when we're about to get into the spoiler section

Where to find Laura and her book!

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