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A Podcast about all things Geek. This includes Video Games (mainly retro), Books, Movies, Anime and TV. Geek Today is the essential Podcast for all Geeks.


Season 2 Introduction
Show Details3min 16s
Lockwood & Co #1: Halloween Special
Show Details26min 7s
Bombastic Brain Bonanza
Show Details14min 24s
Stardew Valley
Show Details12min 36s
World-Building in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
Show Details20min 13s
Show Details47min 6s
Pokémon Sword and Shield
Show Details24min 39s
The REAL Ranked Zelda Games
Show Details52min 34s
Elizabeth Woodville
Show Details24min 14s
REGENCY LADIES: The Roleplaying Game
Show Details26min 23s
Humans on Mars?
Show Details7min 6s
Chinese TV: Part 1
Show Details22min 43s
Super Mario World
Show Details21min 49s
Show Details35s