Welcome to FreedomNow with Peter Assanful. FreedomNow is brought to you by The SpiritLife People - a Ministry that focuses on teaching you how to live and walk in the Spirit so that you can manifest Christ’s freedom in your life. The purpose of salvation is to experience freedom from the oppression of the devil - in Christ, we have been freed from the enemy's lies. It is our prayer that you shall be transformed as you receive the Word from the Lord today. 


Building Godly Character By Maintaining A Pure Heart
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How To Build A Godly Character Part 2
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How to Build A Godly Character
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The Three Kinds Of Authority Part 3
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The Three Kinds Of Authority Part 2
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The Three Kinds Of Authority
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What To Do When You have Spiritual Understanding
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How To Get Spiritual Understanding
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Understanding The Full Gospel Of Jesus Christ - Part 1
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Grace Doesn't Mean Unmerited Favor Part 1
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Advancing The Kingdom Of God On Earth Through Evangelism
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The Gospel Of Freedom - Part 2 (Bearing The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit)
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The Gospel Of Freedom Part 1
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The Power Of The Holy Spirit
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Living Part 3
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Living Part 2
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5 Reasons Why You Must Attend Church
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Understanding The Full Gospel 2
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Understanding The Full Gospel 1
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Living In A Pure Heart For A Kingdom-First Harvest
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Ultimate Love 2021
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Freedom Day Of Divine Increase
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The Gospel Of Freedom | Part 2
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The Gospel Of Freedom | Part 1
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Freedom Day Of God's Blessings
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About FreedomNow
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