grown-ish (the podcast) explores the journey of navigating the awkward space in between being a kid and being grown - told from the perspective of a nineteen year old human being who doesn't believe she is entirely one or the other.

in this podcast, we'll tackle different topics, in order to start conversation about the turbulent ups and down of growing up, shedding light on common emotions and situations that the human experience makes out to be isolated.

in the case that you didn't get any of that:

"hi, i'm celine & this is pretty much my diary."


fitting in - ep.08
Show Details40min 3s
if you find yourself losing your way - ep.007
Show Details32min 39s
support small businesses! - ep.006
Show Details28min 7s
reading your embarrassing stories - ep.005
Show Details20min 11s
my unpopular opinions - ep.004
Show Details56min 16s
my life is falling apart - ep.003
Show Details24min 58s
why do i even follow you? - ep.002
Show Details35min 12s
i feel like a fraud - ep.001
Show Details34min 24s
welcome to the pod homies - ep.000
Show Details3min 1s