Davi hanu!

In this podcast, we discuss in Viossa the craziness that is our world - provided for all viossadjins and neodjins alike. Improve your listening comprehension, be familiarized with different variants of Viossa, and hear interesting stories along the way.


Telraz 013 - Neotoshi fu Paneku
Show Details20min 35s
Telraz 012 - Neotoshislucharyet f'un
Show Details14min 22s
Telraz 011 - Vilantfantazo - madjik kara
Show Details17min 16s
Telraz 010 - Mietta mit un
Show Details7min 55s
Telraz 009 - Spil chesu
Show Details20min
Telraz 008 - Simpel mahaklarena
Show Details7min 54s
Telraz 007 - Madjik lese!
Show Details15min
Telraz 006 - Among Us
Show Details19min 23s
Telraz 005 - Tsui un
Show Details27min 52s
Telraz 004 - Keretel svinnurfras
Show Details32min 19s
Telraz 003 - Govoor au avara
Show Details21min 28s
Telraz 002 - Podkast viktiting
Show Details14min 23s
Telraz 001 - Mietta gammeldjin kara
Show Details22min 42s
Telraz 000 - Zahadji au bratulla!
Show Details6min 43s