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What is your therapist doing for you?

Let's figure out how to do that yourself!

Welcome to a platform where we will discuss counseling methods and techniques from a professional vantage point. If you are looking to grow and improve your life, we will tackle a plethora of practical and constructive practices to become more productive and self-aware.


Ep 24 - Anxiety Disorders and Trichotillomania
Show Details21min 30s
Ep. 23 - Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
Show Details23min 33s
Ep. 22 - Group Therapy Ethics
Show Details20min 13s
Ep. 21 - Family Therapy Ethics
Show Details20min 1s
Ep. 20 - Supervision - The Ins and Outs
Show Details20min 52s
Ep. 19 - Competence - What Makes a Good Therapist??
Show Details20min 52s
Ep. 18 - Confidentiality & Suicide
Show Details21min 17s
Ep. 17 - Qualitative Research
Show Details19min 53s
Ep. 16 - Narrative Therapy
Show Details20min 5s
Ep. 15 - The Breakfast Club Psych Analysis - Brian Johnson
Show Details20min 55s
Ep. 14 - Existential Counseling
Show Details21min 43s
Ep. 13 - Adolescence
Show Details21min 34s
Ep. 12 - Adlerian Therapy
Show Details22min 26s
Ep. 11 - Rogerian Therapy
Show Details21min 37s
Ep. 10 - Sigmund Freud: The Legend, The Kook
Show Details21min 33s
Ep. 10 - Piaget Vs. Vygotsky
Show Details20min 2s
Ep. 9 - Therapy Models
Show Details20min 23s
Ep. 8 - The Magic of Practice
Show Details20min 9s
Ep. 7 - Empathy Part 2
Show Details20min 20s
Ep. 6 - Empathy Part 1
Show Details20min 23s
Ep. 5 -Self Sanity IV - Sleep
Show Details21min 7s
Ep. 4 - Self Sanity III - Diet
Show Details20min 46s
Ep. 3 - Self Sanity II - Exercise
Show Details20min 19s
Ep. 2 - Self Sanity I - Meditation
Show Details21min 6s
Ep. 1 - What Is Therapy?
Show Details20min 40s
Ep. 0 - Welcome!
Show Details5min 2s