Half Hour Audio Hour

A monthly anthology of 10-30 minute audio drama scripts from a different playwright each month. Each episode will include an introduction of, and Q&A with, the playwright. The Half-Hour Audio Hour focuses on the work of women, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQ+ playwrights.


Hush Hush
Show Details1hr 13min
Hush Hush's Director Speaks Up!
Show Details19min 37s
The Cast of Hush Hush Won't Stay Silent
Show Details25min 30s
Order For Vicky
Show Details26min 24s
I'd Like to Speak to the Manager...
Show Details14min 44s
Order Up!
Show Details27min 21s
Death and Grandmother Choi
Show Details46min 58s
Meet the Director of Death (And Grandmother Choi)
Show Details15min 4s
Death (and Grandmother Choi) Speaks!
Show Details20min 58s
Show Details38min 56s
Meet the Director!
Show Details8min 46s
Meet the cast of Breakz!
Show Details17min 4s
Breakz Sneak Peek
Show Details2min 49s