The J-Pops: Attempting Parenting in Japan

Welcome to The J-Pops, the only podcast with "J-pop" in the title that gives you a 100% no J-pop guarantee. The J-Pops are Mark and Justin, two soon-to-be dads (pops) living in Japan (J). They both hail from the US, and this podcast covers their attempts at parenting abroad. They're not here to give advice, they're here to get it, and to talk about the struggles they face in their quest to raise children in a foreign land.


Episode 4 - The Future & A True J-Pop
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 3 - Decluttering & Making Space
Show Details51min 1s
Episode 2 - Pregnancy Status & Planning
Show Details59min 46s
Episode 1 - IVF & Interview (Paige McGee)
Show Details58min 32s