Welcome to HOTSHOTS- a podcast where musicians and professionals within the scene discuss the good, the bad, and the dirty of working within the Canadian music industry. Hosted by Sarah Jessica Rintjema, a music journalist working within the GTHA.


Episode #10- Toronto's Indie Scene is in Trouble with Jonah Grinberg
Show Details1hr 25min
Episode #9- Working Behind the Scenes with Garrett Lajoie
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode #8- Why the Music Industry Needs a #MeToo with Alyssa Mikuljan
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode #7- The Price of Music School with Joshua Pascua
Show Details49min 26s
Episode #6- The Future of the Music Industry with Aisha Barrow
Show Details51min 2s
Episode #5- Spirituality and Hip Hop with Wes Gray
Show Details39min 1s
Episode #4- The Link Between Mental Illness and Art with David Koffman
Show Details1hr 25min
Episode #3- Writing About Music with Gemma Mastroianni
Show Details59min 10s
Episode #2- Building Your Brand with Julianna Jones
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode #1- Teaching Music to Kids with Nathanael Pollard & Nick Rhodes
Show Details1hr 1min