Meta PsycKicks

Hi! We’re Em and Liv! We are totally in tune (well-maybe not all the time) with everything “meta”, “para” and “ab”-normal. Join us as we become your trusted psyckicks as we explore this world and the next. We will be your spooky-tellers of metapsychics, the paranormal, spiritualism, and so much more! Tune in each Wednesday as we dive into topics of ghosts, ghouls, mediums and psychics, parallel dimensions, cosmic characteristics, energies, and everything in between!


40 - Spiritual Business Turned Spiritual Awakening: Spiritual Spankings of 2021
Show Details1hr 7min
39 - The Lizzie Borden House: Axe Murderer or Manipulation?
Show Details1hr 13min
38 - Listener's Stories Vol. 2
Show Details1hr 2min
37 - Gabbing with The Gods. Vol. 1 Deities and Santa Clause
Show Details1hr 7min
36 - Our O.G. Spiritual Team and an Introspective Session on Mediumship
Show Details1hr 13min
35 - The Real Souls of The Conjuring House Speak to Psychic Mediums
Show Details1hr 12min
34 - Metaphysical Shenanigans and an Emergency Séance: Tarot Card vs. Psychic Medium Reading
Show Details1hr 12min
33 - Madame LaLaurie & Finding Shrek's Cousin
Show Details1hr 11min
32 - Queen Mary's Ghost Ship and Narcissistic Nosferatu
Show Details51min 52s
31 - Haunted House Hunting & The NOT Boy
Show Details49min 35s
30 - Psychic Synthesia: Auras 101 - How to Perceive Auras with Psychic Mediums
Show Details1hr 23min
29 - Listener's Stories Vol. 1
Show Details1hr 3min
28 - Spiritual Epigenetics: A Full Circle Reading and Our Generational Trauma
Show Details53min 43s
27 - Psychic Readings in Action: Pet Psychic and Psychic Medium
Show Details1hr 6min
26 - The Questions You're Too Scared to Ask A Psychic Medium: ANSWERED! 👊
Show Details1hr 27min
25 - Mediums In The Graveyard: Getting Spiritually Spanked By 100 Year Old Souls
Show Details57min 27s
24 - Dream-ception: What Dreams Really Are and Where They Come From
Show Details1hr 21min
23 - Becoming Spiritually Woke: The Six Steps of Your Spiritual Awakening
Show Details49min 21s
22 - Divination Tools: A Menage A Trois
Show Details1hr 40min
21 - Twin Flames. Past Lives.. Reincarnation.. Mermaids? Fairies? OH MY!
Show Details1hr 10min
20 - Your Spirit Guides and You: Starting Your Spiritual Journey
Show Details1hr 28min
19 -"Da Clairs" The 6 Psychic Senses Explained With Tips, Tricks, and Stories of Each Psychic Power
Show Details1hr 7min
18 - Little Brother Reincarnation and An Impromptu Tarot Reading With Spirit
Show Details1hr 12min
17 - Crystal Lore
Show Details43min 32s
16 - Comprehensive Mental Charades: Communicating with Spirits as a Mental Medium
Show Details1hr 22min
15 - The Shadow Man and The Racecar Hammys
Show Details54min 46s
14 - Tall Em, Small Em, and a Medium: Tarot Reader vs. Psychic Medium
Show Details1hr 15min
13 - A Real Alice and Wonderland Time
Show Details1hr 3min
12 - The Watcher Men & The Sad Soul in The Mansion
Show Details1hr 3min
11 - Ogham - The Celtic Divination Tool
Show Details1hr 28min
10 - Do Crystals Really Work?! | Top 10 Beginner Crystals
Show Details1hr 58min
9 - River's Reading and the Portal Keeper
Show Details53min 28s
8 - Paranormal Stories of a Medium Featuring Julie the Medium
Show Details1hr 22min
7 - Does Heaven and Hell Exist?
Show Details1hr
6 - Stories of Our Haunted School
Show Details1hr 29min
5 - The Law of Attraction: Everything You Need to Know About Manifestation
Show Details1hr 1min
4 - How to Contact Your Spirit Guides | Meet Our Spirit Guides
Show Details1hr 29min
3 - Zodiac Signs - Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Rising Sign
Show Details1hr 7min
2 - Chakra Basics - What is The 8th Main Chakra?
Show Details1hr 5min
1 - The Man with No Face & The Reincarnated Dog
Show Details58min 57s