The Hoop Talk Podcast with Jalon Dixon and Ryan Leshko

The basketball podcast BY FANS, FOR FANS! Two hoop fanatics in Jay and Ryan go back and forth every week discussing the past, current and future landscape of College and NBA basketball. Expect lots of Hot Takes, Debates and a True Display of Basketball Knowledge.


Hoop Talk Ep. 210: Underrated Players and Teams to Watch this Season (ft. Thomas Christian)
Show Details1hr 30min
Hoop Talk Ep. 209: HTP Top-5 Underrated Storylines to Watch During the 2021-22 NBA Season
Show Details1hr 10min
Show Details48min 39s
Hoop Talk Ep. 207: Biggest NBA Questions for all 15 Teams in the Western Conference (ft. Carson Cook))
Show Details1hr 56min
Hoop Talk Ep. 206: Biggest NBA Questions for all 15 Teams in the Eastern Conference (ft. Brooks Warren)
Show Details1hr 59min
Hoop Talk Ep. 205: WNBA Playoffs 1st & 2nd Round Recap + WNBA Semifinal Matchup Breakdown
Show Details1hr 7min
Hoop Talk Ep. 204: The NBA G-League is On the Rise! (ft. GLeagueTv's Jeffrey Sosa)
Show Details1hr 46min
Hoop Talk Ep. 203: Let the 2021 WNBA Playoffs Begin! + HTP's WNBA 2021 Awards
Show Details1hr 16min
Hoop Talk Ep. 202: Taking A Way-Too-Early at CBS's NCAA Basketball AP Top-25
Show Details1hr 40min
Hoop Talk Ep. 201: Coming Down Homestretch in the WNBA! 2021 Playoffs Approaching!
Show Details59min 56s
Hoop Talk Ep. 200: HTP Celebrates Episode 200 w/ 2021-22 NBA Top-10 Players Rankings! (ft. Ian Evans and Brooks Warren)
Show Details1hr 25min
Hoop Talk Ep. 199: NBA Wheel of Fandom Series: New Days Ahead in Dallas! (ft. Lauren Gunn)
Show Details1hr 40min
Hoop Talk Ep. 198: NBA Summer League Sitdown w/ SLAM Magazine's Theus Mcbee
Show Details1hr 39min
Hoop Talk Ep. 197: WNBA Power Rankings 4.0! Welcome Back Ladies!
Show Details1hr 37min
Hoop Talk Ep. 196: NBA Wheel of Fandom Series: The Bizarre Ben Simmons Situation (ft. Miles Johnson)
Show Details1hr 48min
Hoop Talk Ep. 195: Big Time Breakdown of 2021 Free Agency! (ft. Jackson Chinn)
Show Details1hr 55min
Hoop Talk Ep. 194: NBA Wheel of Fandom Series: You're A Washington Wizard Harry! (ft. Brooks Warren)
Show Details1hr 19min
Hoop Talk Ep. 193: 2021 NBA Draft Winners & Losers (ft. The Baller Island Podcast)
Show Details1hr 19min
Hoop Talk Ep. 192: NBA Wheel of Fandom Series: Sacramento Kings' Fever Runs Rampant (ft. Carson Cook)
Show Details1hr 14min
Hoop Talk Ep. 191: The HTP'S OFFICIAL 2021 NBA MOCK DRAFT (1st Round)
Show Details1hr 22min
Hoop Talk Ep. 190: NBA Wheel of Fandom Series: Cleveland Cavaliers Conundrum (ft. Peter Burtnett)
Show Details1hr 40min
Hoop Talk Ep. 189: NBA Wheel of Fandom Series: Lets Talk About the LA Clippers (ft. Rashad Christian)
Show Details1hr 48min
Hoop Talk Ep. 188: Kicking Off the NBA Wheel of NBA Fandom with some Boston Celtics Talk! (ft. Ian Evans)
Show Details1hr 58min
Hoop Talk Ep. 187: Rachel Nichols Caught in 4K, NBA Finals Picks & USA Basketball (ft. Brooks Warren & Ian Evans)
Show Details1hr 35min
Hoop Talk Ep. 186: WNBA Looking at the Landscape (Players on the Move & Final Push Towards the All-Star Break)
Show Details50min 30s
Hoop Talk Ep. 185: HTP WNBA Power Rankings 3.0
Show Details1hr 22min
Hoop Talk Ep. 184: NBA Conference Finals Talk & Muy Caliente Miami Heat Takes! (ft. Jake Endara)
Show Details1hr 40min
Hoop Talk Ep. 183: WNBA Looking Around the Landscape (Title Contenders Emerging & Olympic Play Around the Corner)
Show Details56min 13s
Hoop Talk Ep. 182: NBA Playoff FRAUD ALERT, Talking Conference Finals & Reactions to the 2021 NBA Draft Lottery (ft. Ian Evans & Brooks Warren)
Show Details1hr 54min
Hoop Talk Ep. 181: HTP WNBA Power Rankings 2.0
Show Details1hr 23min
Hoop Talk Ep. 180: EMERGENCY NBA POD! Dallas Mavericks Mania & Bombshell News Galore! (ft. Lauren Gunn)
Show Details1hr 13min
Hoop Talk Ep. 179: NBA Playoff 2nd Round Madness and All-NBA Teams Announced! (ft. Miles Johnson)
Show Details1hr 33min
Hoop Talk Ep. 178: Towson University Alums Talk Some 2021 NBA Playoffs! (ft. Brooks Warren, Rashad Christian & Tommy Parker)
Show Details1hr 39min
Hoop Talk Ep. 177: WNBA Looking at the Landscape (ft. Carson Huelle)
Show Details1hr 36min
Hoop Talk Ep. 176: HTP WNBA Power Rankings 1.0
Show Details1hr 9min
Hoop Talk Ep. 175: NBA Playoffs Game 1 & 2 Reactions (ft. Brooks Warren)
Show Details59min 47s
Hoop Talk Ep. 174: WNBA Looking At the Landscape (Week 1 Takeaways)
Show Details56min 1s
Hoop Talk Ep. 173: 2021 NBA Playoffs 1st Round Preview & Predictions (ft. Lauren Gunn)
Show Details1hr 29min
Hoop Talk Ep. 172: WNBA 2021 Preseason Power Rankings & Opening Weekend Preview
Show Details1hr 25min
Hoop Talk Ep. 171: NBA Late-Season Western Conference Breakdown (ft. TVonBasketball)
Show Details1hr
Hoop Talk Ep. 170: Final NBA Awards Predictions (ft. Ian Evans & Pedro Silva)
Show Details1hr 21min
Hoop Talk Ep. 169: NBA Late-Season Eastern Conference Breakdown (ft. TVonBasketball)
Show Details1hr 19min
Hoop Talk Ep. 168: 2021 NBA Mock Draft Lottery Edition and Dallas Mavericks Talk (ft. Lauren Gunn)
Show Details1hr 32min
Hoop Talk Ep. 167: Taking A Look at the 2021 WNBA Draft and WNBA Offseason Grades (ft. Brooks Warren)
Show Details1hr 19min
Hoop Talk Ep. 166: Post NCAA Basketball Season NBA Big Board (ft. AllFacts Media)
Show Details1hr 13min
Hoop Talk Ep. 165: Let's Talk About the 2021 WNBA Draft!
Show Details1hr 15min
Hoop Talk Ep. 164: Discussing the State of Maryland Terrapins Men's/Women's Basketball (ft. Brooks Warren & Ian Evans)
Show Details1hr 29min
Hoop Talk Ep. 163: NCAA March Madness Final Four/National Championship Reactions & Reflecting on the 2021 NCAA Basketball Season
Show Details49min 46s
Hoop Talk Ep. 162: NCAA March Madness Sweet 16/Elite 8 Reactions & Final 4 Predictions
Show Details1hr 4min
Hoop Talk Ep. 161: Post NBA Trade Deadline Reactions & Top-5 Power Rankings
Show Details1hr 24min
Hoop Talk Ep. 160: NCAA March Madness Day 1 & 2 Reactions and Sweet 16 Predictions
Show Details1hr 20min
Hoop Talk Ep. 159: NBA Debates Unfolding At An All Time High! (ft. Brooks Warren and Ian Evans)
Show Details1hr 34min
Hoop Talk Ep. 158: March Madness Mania ft. Robinson Bros from All Facts Media
Show Details1hr 28min
Hoop Talk Ep. 157: G-League Ignite Talk ft. Brooks Warren & Ian Evans
Show Details1hr 22min
Hoop Talk Ep. 156: NCAA First 4 In & First 4 Out Predictions & Talking Power 5 Conference Players of the Year
Show Details1hr 16min
Hoop Talk Ep. 155: NBA Midseason Power Rankings & NBA Award Predictions
Show Details1hr 7min
Hoop Talk Ep. 154: NBA Midseason Takeaways & NBA Playoff Seeding Predictions
Show Details1hr 8min
Hoop Talk Ep. 153: Hilariously Wrong All-Star Predictions & the HTP All-Star Draft
Show Details55min 36s
Hoop Talk Ep. 152: Put A Grade On It: NBA Draft Class of 2019 Edition
Show Details54min 6s
Hoop Talk Ep. 151: Put A Grade On It: NBA 2020 Rookie Class Edition
Show Details32min 26s
Hoop Talk Ep. 150: The Race to March Madness: WCC Basketball Edition
Show Details55min 21s
Hoop Talk Ep. 149: The Race to March Madness: Atlantic 10 Basketball Edition
Show Details53min 1s
Hoop Talk Ep. 148: The Race to March Madness: Mountain West Basketball Edition
Show Details55min 18s
Hoop Talk Ep. 147: The Race to March Madness: Big East Basketball Edition
Show Details58min 21s
Hoop Talk Ep. 146: Let's Talk About the NBA Most Improved Player Race (ft. Brooks Warren and Ian Evans)
Show Details57min 33s
Hoop Talk Ep. 145: NBA Power Rankings ft. TVonBasketball
Show Details1hr 4min
Hoop Talk Ep. 144: The Race to March Madness: HBCU Basketball Edition
Show Details37min 8s
Hoop Talk Ep. 143: NBA UnSung Hooper: G-League Edition
Show Details25min 30s
Hoop Talk Ep. 142: NCAA UnSung Hoopers: HBCU Edition
Show Details25min 3s
Hoop Talk Ep. 141: Checking Out the NBA Rumor Mill
Show Details32min 33s
Hoop Talk Ep. 140: Put A Grade On it: WNBA Free Agency/Offseason Edition (Part 1)
Show Details46min 34s
Hoop Talk Ep. 139: The NBA MVP Race Through 25 Games
Show Details38min 54s
Hoop Talk Ep. 138: The Race to March Madness: Pac-12 Basketball Edition
Show Details48min 11s
Hoop Talk Ep. 137: Lets Talk About the NBA All-Star Game (ft. Steven Adeyemi)
Show Details50min 9s
Hoop Talk Ep. 136: NBA UnSung Hoopers: Bottom of the Barrell Bucket Getters
Show Details37min 4s
Hoop Talk Ep. 135: The Race to March Madness: Big Ten Basketball Edition
Show Details1hr 2min
Hoop Talk Ep. 134: The Race to March Madness: Big 12 Basketball Edition
Show Details58min 54s
Hoop Talk Ep. 133: Talking NBA Expansion Teams & The HTP Expansion Draft
Show Details39min 41s
Hoop Talk Ep. 132: Breaking Down the NCAA Women's Basketball AP Top 25 Poll
Show Details29min 58s
Hoop Talk Ep. 131: Breaking Down the NCAA Men's Basketball AP Top 25 Poll
Show Details41min 23s
Hoop Talk Ep. 130: Remembering Kobe Bryant & Talking Lakers Basketball
Show Details30min 11s
Hoop Talk Ep. 129: Taking a Look At the Maryland Basketball Scene *Update* ft. Brooks Warren
Show Details40min 41s
Hoop Talk Ep. 128: Looking Around the NBA #2
Show Details39min 59s
Hoop Talk Ep. 127: NCAA UnSung Hoopers: Women's College Basketball Edition
Show Details14min 48s
Hoop Talk Ep. 126: The Race to March Madness: ACC Basketball Edition
Show Details41min 15s
Hoop Talk Ep. 125: NBA Class of 2020 Rookie Watch
Show Details18min 58s
Hoop Talk Ep. 124: NCAA UnSung Hoopers: Non-Power 5 Conference Edition
Show Details16min 20s
Hoop Talk Ep. 123: NBA Bombshell Collab (ft. Buckets Only Podcast, Hear Me Out Podcast, & The Impact w/ Ian Evans)
Show Details1hr 12min
Hoop Talk Ep. 122: NBA Top-10 Power Rankings *Pre-James Harden Trade*
Show Details35min 45s
Hoop Talk Ep. 121: The Race to March Madness: SEC Basketball Edition
Show Details49min 10s
Hoop Talk Ep. 120: The Race for The NCAA National Player of the Year
Show Details28min 54s
Hoop Talk Ep. 119: Looking Around the NBA #1
Show Details23min 30s
Hoop Talk Ep. 118: NBA Way Too Early Contenders or Pretenders
Show Details37min 5s
Hoop Talk Ep. 117: Breaking Down the Bottom of the NBA
Show Details37min 28s
Hoop Talk Ep. 116: HTP's NBA Players' To Watch
Show Details21min 9s
Hoop Talk Ep. 115: Early NBA Season Overreactions
Show Details32min 28s
Hoop Talk Ep. 114: Looking at the Landscape: College Basketball Edition
Show Details29min 41s
Hoop Talk Ep. 113: Biggest Takeaways from the Start of the NBA Season
Show Details20min
Hoop Talk Ep. 112: Positional Rankings: Eastern Conference Centers
Show Details32min 46s
Hoop Talk Ep. 111: Positional Rankings: Western Conference Centers
Show Details29min 31s
Hoop Talk Ep: 110: Positional Rankings: Eastern Conference Power Forwards
Show Details27min 54s
Hoop Talk Ep. 109: Positional Rankings: Western Conference Power Forwards
Show Details33min 6s
Hoop Talk Ep. 108: NBA Positional Rankings: Eastern Conference Small Forwards
Show Details26min 3s
Hoop Talk Ep. 107: NBA Positional Rankings: Western Conference Small Forwards
Show Details29min 35s
Hoop Talk Ep. 106: Reacting to the ESPN NBA Top-100 Players
Show Details44min 24s
Hoop Talk Ep. 105: NBA Positional Rankings: Eastern Conference Shooting Guards
Show Details34min
Hoop Talk Ep. 104: Taking a Look At the Maryland Basketball Scene
Show Details24min 47s
Hoop Talk Ep. 103: Top-5 Players in Men's College Basketball Right Now
Show Details36min 42s
Hoop Talk Ep. 102: Looking at the Landscape: NCAA Men's Basketball Edition
Show Details30min 33s
Hoop Talk Ep. 101: NBA Positional Rankings: Western Conference Shooting Guards
Show Details35min 5s
Hoop Talk Ep. 100: 2020-2021 NBA Schedule Announced!
Show Details21min 12s
Hoop Talk Ep. 99: NBA Positional Rankings: Eastern Conference Point Guards
Show Details32min 7s
Hoop Talk Ep. 98: NBA Positional Ranking: Western Conference Point Guards
Show Details33min 53s
Hoop Talk Ep. 97: NBA Prospect Watch: Early College Basketball Edition
Show Details24min 51s
Hoop Talk Ep. 96: Setting the Bar: NBA Edition
Show Details23min 36s
Hoop Talk Ep. 95: Way Above the Rim NBA Hot Takes for 2021
Show Details20min 47s
Hoop Talk Ep. 94: NCAA Men's Basketball AP To 25 Poll Breakdown
Show Details33min 7s
Hoop Talk Ep. 93: Way Too Early NBA Power Rankings 2.0 (Post-NBA Draft Edition)
Show Details38min 28s
Hoop Talk Ep. 92: NBA Offseason Winners & Losers
Show Details43min 56s
Hoop Talk Ep. 91: HTP's 2020 NBA Draft Lottery Predictions
Show Details34min 35s
Hoop Talk Ep. 90: NBA Draft Needs: Washington Wizards
Show Details18min 33s
Hoop Talk Ep. 89: NBA Draft Needs: Utah Jazz
Show Details19min 25s
Hoop Talk Ep. 88: NBA Draft Needs: Toronto Raptors
Show Details14min 23s
Hoop Talk Ep. 87: NBA Draft Needs: San Antonio Spurs
Show Details14min 36s
Hoop Talk Ep. 86: NBA Draft Needs: Sacramento Kings
Show Details23min 25s
Hoop Talk Ep. 85: NBA Draft Needs: Portland TrailBlazers
Show Details18min 19s
Hoop Talk Ep. 84: NBA Draft Needs: Phoenix Suns
Show Details23min 5s
Hoop Talk Ep. 83: NBA Draft Needs: Philadelphia 76ers
Show Details28min 35s
Hoop Talk Ep. 82: NBA Draft Needs: Orlando Magic
Show Details21min 17s
Hoop Talk Ep. 81: NBA Draft Needs: Oklahoma City Thunder
Show Details24min 14s
Hoop Talk Ep. 80: NBA Draft Needs: New York Knicks
Show Details22min 41s
Hoop Talk Ep. 79: NBA Draft Needs: New Orleans Pelicans
Show Details26min 27s
Hoop Talk Ep. 78: NBA Draft Needs: Minnesota Timberwolves
Show Details24min 7s
Hoop Talk Ep. 77: NBA Roundtable with Tommy Parker
Show Details55min 59s
Hoop Talk Ep. 76: Way Too Early NBA Power Rankings 1.0
Show Details44min 35s
Hoop Talk Ep. 75: NBA Draft Needs: Milwaukee Bucks
Show Details25min 52s
Hoop Talk Ep. 74: NBA Draft Needs: Miami Heat
Show Details19min 3s
Hoop Talk Ep. 73: NBA Draft Needs: Memphis Grizzlies
Show Details18min 27s
Hoop Talk Ep. 72: NBA Roundtable with Ian Evans
Show Details42min 33s
Hoop Talk Ep. 71: The Los Angeles Lakers Are the Defending Champion, But...
Show Details29min 10s
Hoop Talk Ep. 70: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Los Angeles Lakers
Show Details24min 50s
Hoop Talk Ep. 69: Will the Lakers Return Atop The NBA Mountain in Game 5?
Show Details17min 4s
Hoop Talk Ep. 68: NBA Draft Analysis Series: LA Clippers
Show Details26min 57s
Hoop Talk Ep. 67: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Indiana Pacers
Show Details20min 29s
Hoop Talk Ep. 66: WNBA Finals Breakdown: Do the Seattle Storm Have the Series Wrapped Up?
Show Details18min 50s
Hoop Talk Ep. 65: NBA Finals Standouts & Analysis
Show Details19min 32s
Hoop Talk Ep. 64: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Houston Rockets
Show Details22min 26s
Hoop Talk Ep. 63: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Golden State Warriors
Show Details26min 54s
Hoop Talk Ep. 62: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Detroit Pistons
Show Details25min 35s
Hoop Talk Ep. 61: WNBA Finals Preview
Show Details17min 20s
Hoop Talk Ep. 60: BS or Real Talk: NBA Finals Edition
Show Details21min 27s
Hoop Talk Ep. 59: NBA Draft Combine Participants List Released!
Show Details29min 12s
Hoop Talk Ep. 58: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Denver Nuggets
Show Details24min
Hoop Talk Ep. 57: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Dallas Mavericks
Show Details28min 7s
Hoop Talk Ep. 56: NBA Roundtable Discussion with Rashad Christian
Show Details37min 25s
Hoop Talk Ep. 55: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Cleveland Cavaliers
Show Details26min 37s
Hoop Talk Ep. 54: NBA Conference Finals Standouts
Show Details17min 24s
Hoop Talk Ep. 53: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Chicago Bulls
Show Details27min 48s
Hoop Talk Ep. 52: WNBA Playoffs Semi-Final Round Preview
Show Details15min 18s
Hoop Talk Ep. 51: WNBA Playoffs 2nd Round Preview
Show Details14min 55s
Hoop Talk Ep. 50: HTP x HMO Podcast: NBA RoundTable
Show Details38min 16s
Hoop Talk Ep. 49: NBA Conference Finals Preview
Show Details23min 34s
Hoop Talk Ep. 48: WNBA Playoffs 1st Round Preview
Show Details19min 13s
Hoop Talk Ep. 47: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Charlotte Hornets
Show Details20min 45s
Hoop Talk Ep. 46: Semi-Final Standouts from the NBA Playoffs
Show Details19min 36s
Hoop Talk Ep. 45: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Brooklyn Nets
Show Details20min 10s
Hoop Talk Ep. 44: NBA Playoff Semifinals Takeaways…So Far
Show Details26min 38s
Hoop Talk Ep. 43: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Boston Celtics
Show Details26min 44s
Hoop Talk Ep. 42: NBA Draft Analysis Series: Atlanta Hawks
Show Details25min 15s
Hoop Talk Ep. 41: NBA 2nd Round Playoff Preview
Show Details25min 59s
Hoop Talk Ep. 40: Takeaways from the NBA Playoffs 1st Round
Show Details24min 9s
Hoop Talk Ep. 39: NBA Coaching Carousel Going Crazy
Show Details22min 50s
Hoop Talk Ep. 38: 2020 NBA Draft Lottery Winners/Losers
Show Details25min 43s
Hoop Talk Ep. 37: Biggest Storylines in the WNBA
Show Details20min 48s
Hoop Talk Ep. 36: Keys to the Series (NBA Playoffs 1st Round)
Show Details20min 2s
Hoop Talk Ep. 35: NBA Western Conference 1st Round Predictions
Show Details31min 10s
Hoop Talk Ep. 34: NBA Eastern Conference 1st Round Predictions
Show Details22min 47s
Hoop Talk Ep. 33: Western Conference Race to the 8th Seed
Show Details18min 50s
Hoop Talk Ep. 32: The HTP NBA Awards
Show Details32min 10s
Hoop Talk Ep. 31: WNBA First Team All-Bubble Squad
Show Details21min 36s
Hoop Talk Ep. 30: NBA First Team All-Bubble Squad
Show Details25min 49s
Hoop Talk Ep. 29: WNBA Bubble Players to Watch
Show Details20min 16s
Hoop Talk Ep. 28: NBA Bubble Players to Watch
Show Details22min 33s
Hoop Talk Ep. 27: Taking A Look Around The NBA
Show Details42min 50s
Hoop Talk Ep. 26: NBA Roundtable Discussions with Elia Powers
Show Details42min 18s
Show Details10min 13s
Hoop Talk Ep. 24: Throwback Thursday: Favorite NBA Jerseys
Show Details23min 41s
Hoop Talk Ep. 23: Top 5 FAVORITE NBA Players of All-Time
Show Details32min 9s
Hoop Talk Ep. 22: The What If Series (Final Part): NBA Draft Day Trades
Show Details21min 36s
Hoop Talk Ep. 21: The What If Series (Part 8): Game Changing NBA Trades
Show Details31min 11s
Hoop Talk Ep. 20: The What If Series (Part 7): NBA Free Agency Power Moves
Show Details22min 31s
Hoop Talk Ep. 19: The What If Series (Part 6): A COVID-19-less NBA Season
Show Details24min 36s
Hoop Talk Ep. 18: The What If Series (Part 5): The NBA’s Biggest Busts
Show Details28min 39s
Hoop Talk Ep. 17: NBA Roundtable Discussions with Brooks Warren
Show Details51min 56s
Hoop Talk Ep. 16: The What If Series (Part 4): NBA Legends Missing A Championship
Show Details35min 30s
Hoop Talk Ep. 15: The What If Series (Part 3): WNBA Players Translating to the NBA
Show Details16min 20s
Hoop Talk Ep. 14: The What If Series (Part 2): Injuries That Changed Careers
Show Details25min 18s
Hoop Talk Ep. 13: The What If Series (Part 1): NBA Draft Scenarios
Show Details37min 6s
Hoop Talk Ep. 12: The First Team All-DMV Squad
Show Details22min 29s
Hoop Talk Ep. 11: Start Up Leagues Are Growing the Game
Show Details18min 54s
Hoop Talk Ep.10: What is the Best Era in Basketball?
Show Details22min 16s
Hoop Talk Ep. 9: NBA Teams with the Highest Wasted Potential
Show Details30min 1s
Hoop Talk Ep. 8: Underrated NBA Stars of the 2000s
Show Details20min 26s
Hoop Talk Ep. 7: Forgotten Great NBA Eastern Conference Teams
Show Details32min 44s
Hoop Talk Ep. 6: Forgotten Great NBA Western Conference Teams
Show Details39min 3s
Hoop Talk Ep. 5: Top 15 NBA Primetime Players
Show Details19min 46s
Hoop Talk Ep. 4: NBA Western Conference Breakdown
Show Details44min 51s
Hoop Talk Ep. 3: NBA Eastern Conference Breakdown
Show Details37min 44s
Hoop Talk Ep. 2: NBA Awards
Show Details31min 22s
Hoop Talk Ep. 1: The NBA is Back!
Show Details10min 52s