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Come join 2 Americans talk about all things Eurovision. One is a hardcore fan who's been watching Eurovision for the past 10 years and the other is a casual fan who has to be reminded when the ESC actually starts.


Eurovision 2021: All Good Things Must to Come to An End
Show Details51min 35s
It's finally here! Eurovision 2021 the semis and a preview of the Final
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The second semi final: A Preview
Show Details1hr 13min
The first semi final: A Preview
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So Close Yet So Far pt 2
Show Details22min 43s
So Close Yet So Far pt 1
Show Details49min 21s
Now all the countries are ready and entered the chat*
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So many countries are entering the chat.
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Sweden starts off weak and Norway gets serious
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The one where France stole the podcast
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Junior Eurovision 2020: A Review
Show Details52min 16s
Junior Eurovision 2020: A preview
Show Details53min 10s
Junior Eurovision 2009: A song about a football team or a song in an imaginary language
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Junior Eurovision 2007: A Popcast
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ESC 1980...the musical?
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Let 85 Swing!
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Special Episode: the EuroWhat? interview
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We're flying the flag in 2007
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Project Restart: The story of Fire saga
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The Big 5 and the Netherlands. *the final episode for now*
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The Second Half of the Second Semi Final
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The First Half of the Second Semi Final
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(we are finally back!!) It's the second half of the First semi final
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First half of the first semi final preview show*
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Norway, Sweden, and Denmark! OH MY!!
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National Final Season is Starting: MGP Edition
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The Fall of the UK in Eurovision
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Junior Eurovision 2019, Poland: The Review
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Previewing the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest
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