To Finish Strong: A Conversation with Scott Couchenour

49m | Jan 18, 2023

Each part of life has a different set of provoking situations---the ones that push you or pull you with questions about purpose and fulfillment. You can be successful in your life, and in your career, and still come to a moment when it feels like something has changed. That you have changed. Maybe it’s an internal shift that leaves you questioning, “isn’t there more?” Or maybe what you had come to count on being there when you woke up in the morning has imploded. I’m going to be speaking today with a man whose experience of loss ended up opening the door to profound realizations about creating success as you age.

Scott Couchenour is a life and business coach working primarily with those in their 40's and 50's who desire a greater handle on their future and the fulfillment that has waned since building a successful life and career. He seeks to change the narrative on what it means to grow old. He enjoys life with his wife Jennie of over 35 years, his 2 grown kids and their growing families. He is "Pop Pop" to 2 grandkids and 1 more on the way so far.

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