Bringing Heart into Business: A Conversation with Mark Silver

51m | Dec 13, 2023

My teacher Dawn taught me years ago about the transformative potential of business. That business was a place where creativity could shine. That, as my guest today teaches, that the “doing of business can itself be a spiritual practice, and we (can) be nourished in the doing of it.” How could doing business, and doing good in the world not be separate focuses? Please stay tuned for this powerful conversation with my guest who knows so much about how to do this.

Since 1999, Mark Silver has worked with heart-centered entrepreneurs to help them realize that every act of business can be an act of love. Mark is one of the pioneers in integrating real spirituality with the nitty-gritty of small business. He founded Heart of Business in 2001. A designated Master Teacher within his Sufi lineage, he has received his Masters of Divinity.

As a coach, teacher, and spiritual healer, he has facilitated thousands of individual sessions with entrepreneurs and has led hundreds of classes, seminars, groups, and retreats. His weekly writings and teachings are followed by thousands of people around the globe. He is the author of the new book, Heart Centered Business.

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