• Week 28 of 2021: all things must end

    This week marks the one year anniversary of Observe and Retort, and we have decided that this will be our last episode. Bringing you news every week has been a lot of fun and we cannot express how much we have appriciated all the love from you, our wonderful listeners. In this final episode, we bring you updates on some of the most memorable news we brought to you this past year. WWTF includes a sadistic tooth fairy, a naked porn-making gun-shooting robber, and a woman who needed a snack-break from a police chase. We hope you enjoy the episode as much as we have enjoyed entertaining you.

    S2E28 - 1h 13m - Jul 20, 2021
  • Week 27 of 2021: cop psychology, champagne diplomacy, & cocaine cacti

    This week Luna talks about a woman who wanted action but got gaslighted instead. David brings us one very bubbly story, and WWTF includes a cocaine-loving toy and a woman who got her house stolen. Enjoy!

    S2E26 - 1h 10m - Jul 5, 2021
  • Week 26 of 2021: burning, breaches of trust, & betrayal from your own grandfather

    This week, David talks about the heartbreaking ongoing discoveries of graves of Canada’s First Nation children. Luna talks about the Danish case of two awful officers (and one sausagelious defense lawyer), and WWTF includes an exorcism in the lumber aisle, a ‘Redneck Rave’, and a man who’s child is his uncle!?! You’re gonna wanna listen to this one folks.

    S2E26 - 1h 11m - Jul 2, 2021
  • Week 24 & 25 of 2021: football fraud, financial fraud, & defrauding death

    This fortnight Luna talks about one relentless soccer scammer brougt down by sex workers, and David brings us that sweet sweet cryptocurrency news. WWTFS are packed with wild headlines, but one whale of a story takes the prize.

    S2E25 - 1h 8m - Jun 22, 2021
  • Week 22 & 23 of 2021: swingers, robots, & Uttar Pradesh

    This episode we discuss consent and kinks as David brings us the story about a Danish journalist who recently conducted an interview from an unusual position. Luna talks about a new survey that suggests that people are keen to switch out politicians with robots, and David wins the past two weeks’ WWTF with an outrageous story from our favorite place, the Florida of India: Uttar Pradesh.

    S2E23 - 1h 4m - Jun 7, 2021
  • Week 21 of 2021: slime crime quick-thinking time, the enchanted guitar, & pikachu's political power

    This week Luna talks about a bold 11-year-old who brought her almost-kidnapper down with slime, and David brings us the stories of three unconventional politicians who mixed things up. WWTF includes one big amputation fuck-up, tree farts, and a substitute suitor.

    S2E21 - 39m - May 24, 2021
  • Week 20 of 2021: power plants & potholes

    This week David breaks down bitcoin and Luna takes us to New Zealand where one man’s penis-campaign has sparked change. WWTF includes mindboggling breakthrough science, a cow with three eyes, and one chill cat.

    S2E20 - 1h 7m - May 17, 2021
  • Week 19 of 2021: dungeons, dragons, & a dreadful air force

    This week Luna talks about a fucked up hazing ritual in France and David dishes on the AI dungeon game that took a very dark turn. WWTF includes stories about a shit-swinging Kid Rock-loving neo-nazi, a Chinese zoo letting loose, and a woman who just had NINE BABIES!

    S2E19 - 52m - May 14, 2021
  • Week 18, 2021: unbelievable discoveries, unsafe orbits, & explosive orgasms

    This week’s episode is BONKERS! Luna talks about 21 tons of recklessness spinning around earth’s orbit, and David shares some unbelievable discoveries about a forgotten empire. WWTFs include the shocking truth about one missionary’s position in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem, the most bomb sex toy, and a Russian trapped on a Chinese reality show for the past three months. Enjoy!

    S2E18 - 59m - May 4, 2021
  • Week 17 of 2021: Chad, clones & the cursed VHS

    This week David talks about the big presidential drama in Chad (the country). Luna talks about Russia’s announcement that they will clone a 3000 year old very very dead army of Scythian warriors. WWTF has treats such as Battle of Josh, a 15 year sick day, and how Sabrina the Teenage Witch put a bad curse on one Nebraskan woman.

    S2E17 - 52m - Apr 26, 2021
  • Week 16 of 2021: league of their own, donut death, & the Krakow creature conundrum

    This week David fights a losing battle, and Luna brings us the story about a man who got buried in a creme doughnut. WWTF uncovers why Switzerland is burying underwear, and last - but not least - the tale of the mysterious creature that has terrified residents of Kraków the past week. Enjoy!

    S2E16 - 1h 3m - Apr 21, 2021
  • Week 14 & 15 of 2021: billions to bust, military unmentionables, & a marriage miracle

    This episode updates you on the wild things that’ve happened in week 14 and 15! Luna brings underwear news from Switzerland and a game changing CRISPR discovery, and David fills us in on the stonks-man who lost 20 billion in just two days! WWTFs is packed with unbelievable stories like the pastor who thinks his farts are healing people, and a mother who discovered her son is marrying her long lost daughter. This episode is off the rails, enjoy!

    S2E14 - 1h 21m - Apr 13, 2021
  • Week 13 of 2021: step-boat I'm stuck, fake fake news, & lots of love

    It’s week 13 and boy do we have news for you! Luna talks about the ship that pulled a real dick move, and David has a fake news update on a previous penis-cage story. The WWTFs are abundant this week, and they include a Florida mother who made some very bad choices involving a boxing glove, Meat Loaf’s new dating show, and a new Danish mountainbike route that has disrupted a gay paradise. As a cherry on top, David has a wonderful AI surprise for you in the end that might be just what you need to elevate your dating game.

    S2E13 - 1h 14m - Mar 29, 2021
  • Week 12 of 2021: French flatpack felonies, Spain shrinking struggles, & Denmark disappoints

    This week Luna talks about Spain’s 4 day work-week initiative. David brings us the story of a French IKEA branch who was a bit too snoopy about their employees and ended up in court. WWTF includes an entitled 41 year old man-baby suing his parents, and a Floridian cyclist who dared to leap. Enjoy!

    S2E12 - 1h 17m - Mar 23, 2021
  • Week 11 of 2021: the line in the sand, noodle nightmare, & cheerleading corruption

    This week David takes a deep-dive into the sci-fi city being built in the desert, and Luna brings us the story of a woman who absolutely can top your worst work seminar experience. WWTFs include racist diabetes, one cheerleader's biggest cheerleader goes too far, and the world’s worst wannabe driver. Enjoy!

    S2E11 - 1h 16m - Mar 15, 2021
  • Week 10 of 2021: executions, earthquakes, & erections.

    This week David talks about how Japan’s strict gun laws have resulted in the emergence of a new weapon trend, and Luna informs us that Iceland has been shaking for a week! WWTF brings you angry satan cats, an entitled crybaby cop, and a nine-day erection. Enjoy!

    S2E10 - 1h 2m - Mar 9, 2021
  • Week 9 of 2021: reptiles, rollerblades, & crimes against pizza

    This week Luna talks about how one woman’s faith in shape-shifting reptiles from outer space had severe consequences for her husband. David brings us the story of a new funky initiative that police in Karachi is rolling out.

    WWTFs includes a terrifying encounter with a brown snake, crochet kit-cocaine, and the your mum jokes three boys in California couldn't escape.

    S2E9 - 1h 7m - Mar 2, 2021
  • Week 8 of 2021: grinding nemo, inception reception, & an immaculate conception

    Week 8 brought us some fascinating news! Luna unpacks the new scientific breakthrough where scientists have communicated with lucid dreamers in real-time. David takes us to Germany where young conservative men are writing off "cuffing the carrot", "paddling the pink canoe", "celebrating palm Sunday"... You get the picture! WWTF is packed with instant classics such as, a woman impregnated by a "gust of wind ", a man who got into the most confusing and horrifying fight ever, and a story that debuts Luna's sex hotline voice. Enjoy! 

    S2E8 - 55m - Feb 22, 2021
  • Week 7 of 2021: citizenship, sperm, & a tooth in a blender

    This week David updates us on a new Danish law proposal that has us discussing, what does it mean to be Danish? And who will really benefits from putting Danishness into a box? Luna brings us the baffling case of a New Delhi man who's been court ordered to donate sperm to his estranged wife who can't be bothered to go get it elsewhere. This week's WWTFs present you with a man who turned his uncle's bones into a guitar, and a woman who turned her cheating boyfriend into a tasty treat. Enjoy!

    S2E7 - 1h 20m - Feb 15, 2021
  • Week 6 of 2021: avalanches, ice skating, & injuries

    This week Luna brings the story of how the decades old mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident has been solved with the unexpected help of Disney's Frozen. We get all into the old mystery and the new science that has emerged. WWTFs serves up all kinds of fuckery, such as the Italian mafia has some feedback for the ambulance service. And David reveals new data on what the whitest injuries are.

    S2E6 - 55m - Feb 9, 2021
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