90,000 Hours

90,000 Hours is a podcast exploring how people really feel about what they do. Loosely inspired by Studs Terkel's seminal 1974 book "Working," 90,000 Hours peers into a diverse cross section of working lives to reveal how most jobs differ from what you'd imagine; the complexities lurking in the day-to-day; and ultimately, the unexpected ways that work unites us in the human experience.

Beautifully paced and edited into a first person narrative style with musical textures, this "podcast about working" ends up being about more than just work, including common themes such as separation of self-worth from our occupations, labor politics, imposter syndrome, and so much more. 


Lilian: Veterinarian
Show Details28min 7s
Patrick: Director
Show Details37min 17s
Madison: Hair Stylist
Show Details27min 50s
Ray: Paleontologist
Show Details27min 42s
Megan: Artist/Illustrator
Show Details16min 24s
Mike: Copywriter/Project Manager
Show Details29min 18s
Melissa: Middle School Teacher
Show Details38min 52s
Andrew: Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional
Show Details35min 10s
Nicole: Aerialist/Circus Performer
Show Details23min 39s
(BONUS) Anonymous: Sex Worker
Show Details23min 54s
Joe: Mail Carrier (Season 1 Finale)
Show Details29min 51s
River: Winemaker
Show Details28min 19s
Richard: Marriage and Family Therapist
Show Details32min 48s
Neomi: Popsicle Cart Owner
Show Details28min 28s
90,000 Hours: Trailer
Show Details2min 38s
Adam: Cat Rescuer
Show Details40min 51s
Anonymous: Physician Assistant
Show Details28min 10s
Paco: Comedian
Show Details37min
Carter: Firefighter
Show Details40min 8s
Steph: Massage Therapist
Show Details26min
Edwin: Stay at Home Dad
Show Details32min 48s
Meghan: Writer/Producer
Show Details29min 26s
Zan: Bartender
Show Details26min 26s
Crystal: Dog Trainer
Show Details25min 26s
Devon: Pro Wrestler
Show Details27min 39s
Eric: Film Composer
Show Details34min 52s