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Today in Sports Betting

Today in Sports Betting from is a cutting dose of daily betting card handicapping. This is NOT a show to sell picks. None of our Pros sell their info. This show is all about learning how to read a card, handicap, and then, how to do it yourself.

Well, and winning, too.

It's not yesterday; it's not tomorrow; it's TODAY IN SPORTS BETTING!


TNF and lots of College Basketball and NHL are the Flavour for Today
Show Details33min 40s
Massive Slate of Basketball in Pro and College plus some NHL PLays
Show Details35min 48s
ACC/Big Ten Challenge Highlight Tonight's Slate
Show Details30min 24s
Lots of Games to Cover in a Sleepy Monday
Show Details38min 49s
On the Hard Court, the Ice, and the Grid Iron Tonight
Show Details55min 9s
The Biggest Night on the Sports Calendar is Here.
Show Details50min 44s
NFL, NBA, NHL and College Football, Doug hits on them all tonight with plenty of leans and angles
Show Details25min 49s
Hitting the Hard Court and the Ice Tonight
Show Details35min 26s
Lots on Angles on Tonight's MLB Card with F5 Totals Leading the Way
Show Details20min 49s
Big MLB Tuesday Slate and lots of Angles and Props
Show Details28min 30s
MLB Stretch Run has 15 Games Tonight
Show Details25min 14s
Huge MLB Slate with 16 Games and Lots of Angles
Show Details34min 27s
It's Prop It Up Monday on the MLB Slate Tonight
Show Details21min 23s
We're Back and Hitting the MLB Card Tonight
Show Details23min 5s
Some MLB Division Futures and the 14 Game MLB Board tonight
Show Details27min 23s
MLB is Back in Full Tonight with 14 Games
Show Details26min 16s
Fourteen Game Friday in the MLB
Show Details29min 16s
Another Bug MLB Card with 16 Games and lots of Props and Totals Today
Show Details29min 32s
Tough MLB Card Tonight so its back to More Props and some Sides/Totals
Show Details33min 30s
Lots of Props angles and F5 Totals on the MLB Card Today
Show Details23min 54s
Full MLB Slate Tonight and lots of Angles, Sides and Props
Show Details26min 34s
Get Your Long Weekend Started Right with 15 MLB Games
Show Details32min 34s
Big MLB Slate of 16 Games Tonight and Plenty of Angles
Show Details26min 28s
Day/Night MLB Slate with 15 Games + Game 4 in Tampa Bay of the Stanley Cup Final
Show Details33min 22s
Nothing but MLB Today and Doug Hits all 15 Games
Show Details29min 48s
NBA Finals Game 6 and a Game Slate in MLB
Show Details20min 7s
Early MLB games start a big 15 game card plus the Stanley Cup Finals begin tonight in Colorado
Show Details25min 51s
All MLB today in a Huge 16 Game Slate
Show Details20min 40s
NBA Game 5 and some interesting games in tonight's 11 game MLB slate
Show Details21min 58s
Some day and night MLB games today before heading to the ice for big Game 5.
Show Details22min 38s
The Western Conf Final Starts in the NBA Plus NHL Playoffs and a Full MLB Slate
Show Details23min 52s
All Baseball Today as the NBA & NHL Playoffs take a break.
Show Details24min
It's Tie Breaking Day in the NBA & NHL Playoffs and a Huge 17 Games Slate on the Diamond
Show Details31min 38s
NBA & NHL Playoffs Head to New Homes and 11 MLB Games on Tonight's Slate
Show Details24min 57s
NBA Switches Venues and the NHL Playoffs Keep Rolling
Show Details25min 47s
NBA Series Switch Venues and a Big Friday Night Under the MLB Lights, Plus a Quick NHL Slate
Show Details34min 31s
NBA Playoffs, Huge Night on the Diamond + NHL Parlays all Catch Our Eye Today
Show Details31min 30s
MLB & NHL Day as the NBA Takes a Break.
Show Details27min 7s
The Play In's Continue as does a Large MLB Slate, Followed by a Small NHL Card
Show Details22min 14s
NBA Play In Games Plus Two Huge Slates in the MLB & NHL
Show Details25min 4s
MLB is the What's Up Today and all twelve games are reviewed.
Show Details21min 33s
Opening Day #2 in MLB and the NBA Silly Season Continues
Show Details29min 53s
Opening Day in the MLB, but someone forgot to tell the NBA & NHL,
Show Details25min 48s
MLB Wins Totals make for some fun Futures Bets, plus the NBA & NHL Boards
Show Details29min 12s
NBA is Back with a Big Slate and the NHL is almost as Big Tonight.
Show Details28min 32s
Rolling with the Tar Heels and some Same-Game Parlays in the Ice
Show Details16min 4s
It's Final Four time plus NBA Props and more Same-Game Parlays in the Ice
Show Details26min 37s
Staying on the Bucks train and some fun NHL Same-Game Parlays.
Show Details19min 52s
Big slate of NBA games and some exciting NHL Props tonight on the Boards
Show Details18min 49s
Riding with the Bucks and some great games in the NHL
Show Details18min 1s
A night of player props in the NBA and NHL. Doug breaks down the NBA and NHL boards and finds some unique props and two moneyline underdogs on the ice.
Show Details20min 42s
Let the Madness Begin with 16 Games in the First Round.
Show Details26min 9s
NCAA Bracket Strategy Session & Picks for all 63 Games
Show Details30min 15s
Conference Tourneys Wrap Up and Start Up Today, plus the NBA & NHL Boards
Show Details20min 49s
Conference Tournaments in the Sun Belt, MVC & WCC start today, plus the NBA & NHL Boards.
Show Details27min 26s
3 more Conference Tournaments and Doug breaks down the Big South, Northeast and Ohio Valley games. Then onto the NBA, NCAA and NHL boards with a Prop thrown in.
Show Details26min 3s
Its Conference Tournament time and Doug breaks down the ASun, Horizon and Patriot League. Then onto the NBA and NHL Boards.
Show Details28min 7s
Crazy Weekend in College Hoops
Show Details25min 11s
The NBA is Back! Lots on NBA action and a large Thursday College card to review with some small Conference schools catching Doug's eye.
Show Details26min 56s
Friday Strategy Session: Betting Terms 101. Doug goes over sports betting terminology for the new better and explains how Sports Books make money. He also break down the NCAA and NHL boards for tonight.
Show Details43min 33s
Can the Warriors stay hot and some gems in the America East Conf. tonight
Show Details33min 22s
Riding the Rockets and Penny's Tigers to keep rolling
Show Details26min 40s
Living with Domantas and the Kings
Show Details28min 35s
Locked in on the Bulls
Show Details28min 33s
Hitting the Boards on a Tuesday night of action in the NBA, College Basketball and the NHL.
Show Details31min 35s
Hitting the Boards in a big Wednesday night of action in the NBA, College Basketball and the NHL.
Show Details29min 43s
Hitting the Boards in the NBA, College Basketball and the NHL.
Show Details33min 14s
Strategy Session on using Models and Friday's Boards
Show Details41min 48s
Hitting the Boards in the NBA, a huge NCAA schedule and some NHL.
Show Details17min 18s
Hitting the Boards on a big Wednesday Night
Show Details37min 54s
Hitting the Boards on Super Tuesday
Show Details22min 57s
Weekend Re-cap and Hitting The Boards in the NBA/NCAA/NHL
Show Details19min 28s
Strategy Session Friday - Using Multiple Sports Books and the NBA/NCAA/NFL/NHL Boards for tonight
Show Details26min 32s
Getting the best line & Hitting the Boards in the NBA/NCAA/NHL
Show Details26min 14s
Weekend Re-Cap and Hitting the NFL/CBB?NBA Boards
Show Details16min 58s
Strategy Session Friday & the CBB/NBA/NFL Boards
Show Details37min 15s
A day of Overs on the Board in CBB plus NBA & NHL plays.
Show Details19min 55s
Doug breaks down the NCAA & NBA cards, add a Free Play and NHL Parlay.
Show Details15min 34s
Triple-Sport MultiPlex
Show Details17min 23s
Roll Tide
Show Details22min 26s
The Re-Birth of TiSB
Show Details27min 13s
NBA Wednesday Best Bets for October 20, 2021
Show Details27min 44s
NBA Futures MegaShow
Show Details1hr 15min
Finding First Quarter College Football Plays
Show Details31min 25s
College Football Weekend Preview & Soccer Plays
Show Details29min 53s
Monday Night Football Betting Primer Show
Show Details19min 30s
Friday College Football Betting Previews
Show Details54min 51s
Syracuse-Liberty, UCLA-Stanford Deep Dives
Show Details41min 11s
College Football Week 4 Look-Aheads
Show Details1hr 25min
FBS, FCS, NFL All Football Thursday
Show Details46min 35s
Turbo Tallysight Tuesday, FBS, FCS and D-2 College Football
Show Details58min 29s
Tracking College Football Early Line Moves for Week 2
Show Details1hr 12min
Four College Football Friday Games to Wager
Show Details52min 44s
Football, Futbol, We Got 'Em
Show Details41min
College Football Week 2 Speed Round
Show Details57min 50s
80 College Football Games and Bets
Show Details30min 35s
Turbo Tallysight Thursday, Big College Football Cards
Show Details37min 58s
College Football Kickoff Day
Show Details32min 52s
Carabao, MLB, NFL, it's Wacky Wednesday Betting
Show Details52min 37s
College Football is Almost Here!
Show Details57min 41s
Let's Get Some Liga MX in Here Too!
Show Details41min 23s
Liga MX, NFL Preseason Totals, MLB in the AM and PM
Show Details47min 10s
Alabama Birmingham Football Preview SuperShow
Show Details34min 19s
Futures Friday, MLB, Summer League, NFL
Show Details1hr 1min
Field of Dreams Game, Summer League, NFL Preseason Best Bets
Show Details56min 38s
Fade Harvey Day, MLB Best Bets for Wednesday
Show Details41min 49s
MLB Tuesday Best Bets for August 10, 2021
Show Details21min
Monday MLB Betting Fun
Show Details36min 13s
Cubs and White Sox Headline MLB Betting Ticket
Show Details38min 48s
Evening Baseball Top Plays with Devin Ellington
Show Details37min 4s
Turbo MLB Handicapping Attack
Show Details42min 43s
Tallysight Tuesday Baseball Ticket-Cashers
Show Details23min 9s
Olympics and MLB Monday Bets
Show Details20min 45s
Profitable Thursday Recap, MLB Best Bets for Friday
Show Details1hr 7min
NBA Draft Props, MLB Homers and Best Bets
Show Details1hr 29min
Florida International Football Big Show
Show Details1hr 4min
Boise State Monster Preview and MLB Best Bets for Friday
Show Details1hr 12min
Big-12, SEC Football, NBA Draft, MLB Plays, NFL Fantasy
Show Details1hr 28min
Baseball Betting Tuesday, Speed Round Edition
Show Details17min 35s
Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Special
Show Details29min 22s
Friday Best Bets in MLB, AUDL
Show Details1hr 20min
Marshall Thundering Herd Preview
Show Details1hr 4min
Big-12 Evolution, College Football Jumbo Preview
Show Details54min 23s
Home Run Derby Props, MLB Draft
Show Details1hr 10min
MLB Best Bets and Ohio Bobcats Football Preview
Show Details39min 25s
Home Run Props, MLB Methodology, NY Football Giants Win Totals
Show Details1hr 23min
Home Run Derby Props, NCAAF Vacations
Show Details1hr 15min
Some College Football Win Totals, NBA, MLB and More
Show Details20min 55s
Dan Besbris' Finals Breakdown
Show Details16min 2s
Conference Finals Redux and Bets
Show Details19min 32s
Give Me All the Prop Bets!
Show Details11min 7s
NBA, MLB, CWS & First College Football Win Total Analysis!
Show Details45min 22s
Thursday Best Bets on All Sports
Show Details30min 18s
Daily Breakdown with Special Guest Nate Spangle
Show Details50min 30s
RBI Props, MLB Talent Factories, Clippers Hot Takes
Show Details1hr 13min
First Looks at MLB Draft Props & Monday Night Best Bets
Show Details37min 55s
Some First-5 Friday Fun
Show Details43min 57s
MLB Prospects, Baseball Best Bets with LockedOn's Aram Leighton
Show Details59min 1s
American Ultimate Disc League Betting
Show Details1hr 1min
Baseball, Baseball, Baseball and some NBA
Show Details28min 10s
Euros Weekend Recap, NBA Playoff Monday
Show Details13min 25s
Euro 2020 Mega Preview | College Baseball and NBA Bets
Show Details1hr 29min
Day Baseball Betting Fun
Show Details27min 17s
NCAA Everything, NBA Totals Play
Show Details42min 31s
MLB Quick Hits & NCAA Super Regionals
Show Details43min 4s
Bucks-Nets and Suns-Nuggets Lines and Props
Show Details30min 52s
Friday Fun with Special Guest Sterling Holmes
Show Details45min 6s
Tallysight Thursday, MLB, NCAA and Recruitment
Show Details39min 16s
NCAA Regionals, Heavy Favorites, Lance Berkman and More
Show Details1hr 52min
Special with VSiN's Danny Burke
Show Details1hr 1min
Memorial Day Baseball Blitz
Show Details35min 48s
Friday Baseball Supershow, Ground Balls and Colleges
Show Details1hr 38min
Pitcher Breakdowns in MLB Handicapping, Best Bets
Show Details44min 57s
So Much Baseball, So Much Action
Show Details27min 1s
Umpire Stats in MLB Betting
Show Details43min 30s
Is It Bucks Bounceback Time
Show Details14min 29s
NBA Playoffs MegaShow!
Show Details1hr 14min
NBA Play-In Games, The Pair of Winner-Take-Alls
Show Details8min 32s
NBA Play-In Games, Day Two
Show Details12min
Play-ins, Playoffs, Series Prices
Show Details13min 48s
Touch 'Em All Friday
Show Details1hr 13min
Baseball Betting from Morn to Night
Show Details42min 2s
NBA Dogs and MLB Speed Run
Show Details16min 6s
Day Baseball! Then MLB and NBA Full Card
Show Details55min 1s
Fill the Bag with Big Bucks
Show Details22min 55s
Monster MLB Show
Show Details1hr 33min
Beastie Boys, Umpire Stats, More on Tallysight Thursday
Show Details1hr 13min
Colorado Sports, Prop Betting and Russ
Show Details1hr 30min
MLB, NBA, J Cole?
Show Details44min 43s
Alex Dickerson Episode, Apparently
Show Details57min 1s
A Show With Multiple Free Prop Plays
Show Details1hr 26min
Youth Movement in Texas
Show Details24min 34s
Baseball Best Bets, Must Be Wednesday
Show Details1hr 4min
Turbo Tuesday, MLB Pitchers to Fade
Show Details39min 47s
Under Monday
Show Details28min 23s
Monster MLB Friday with Free Top Plays
Show Details1hr 22min
Short Card, Big Bets
Show Details20min 25s
Turbo Tuesday, All Moneyline Dog Day
Show Details52min 37s
It's Giannis Time for Vince
Show Details39min 40s
Baseball Friday and Some Deep Cut References
Show Details58min 46s
Lightning Round NBA Thursday Betting Breakdown
Show Details13min 6s
Special Guest Joe Osborne of OddsShark
Show Details50min 29s
Turbo Tuesday for MLB and NBA Best Bets
Show Details34min 37s
NBA Underdog Play of the Day is Back
Show Details37min 38s
Friday MLB Best Bets
Show Details28min 16s
Tallysight Thursday on MLB and NBA Picks
Show Details30min 14s
You Down with MDB (Mid Day Baseball)?
Show Details1hr 1min
NBA Tuesday Betting
Show Details17min 36s
Quickie NBA Betting Breakdown and LIVE SHOW Tease
Show Details11min 29s
Best Bets for Baseball and NBA Friday
Show Details48min 31s
Prop Betting 101
Show Details37min 5s
MLB Opening Day 2 Hour Mega-Pod on Every Game
Show Details2hr 1min
MLB Opening Day (Almost) & NBA Big Wednesday
Show Details58min 2s
Middling on Potential Injury News
Show Details15min 58s
Underdogs and Chocolate Milk
Show Details36min 33s
Betting After the NBA Trade Deadline
Show Details22min 2s
Gumbo Wednesday with NIT, CBI, NBA and MLB
Show Details42min 11s
The Round of 32!
Show Details1hr 9min
March Madness Friday Part 3
Show Details28min 19s
March Madness Friday Part 2
Show Details22min 28s
March Madness Friday Part 1
Show Details28min 56s
March Madness Truly Begins!
Show Details23min 43s
South, Midwest and NIT Hoops Bonanza
Show Details36min 24s
March Madness Begins
Show Details36min 11s
Is it Time to Grab Another Big Dog on the ML
Show Details28min
Special Saturday College Hoops Betting Spectacular
Show Details34min 1s
College All Day, NFL Draft and History Lessons
Show Details1hr 5min
Tallysight Tourney Thursday, Volume 4
Show Details44min 24s
Conference Tournament MORNING Show
Show Details24min 58s
Tournament Two-for-Tuesday!
Show Details1hr
Tallysight (Thirsty) Thursday, Edition 3
Show Details37min 34s
Ain't Nothing But a Home Dog
Show Details30min
Prop Betting with Gilles Gallant | Hall of Famers | Canada vs. America
Show Details1hr 12min
Sexton and Garland, Combined... We Don't Want to Type the Nickname
Show Details37min 26s
Sun Belt Fun Belt Friday, NBA Winners
Show Details51min 56s
Tallysight Thirsty Thursday Volume 2 | Cash Prize Time!
Show Details53min 9s
Have the Lakers Lost Too Much Respect?
Show Details25min 12s
How About a +300 Underdog?
Show Details46min 51s
Damian Lillard and Explaining Units
Show Details29min 28s
Mid-Major and MLB Totals Friday w/Jason Radowitz
Show Details59min 14s
Tallysight Thursday, Belmont Deep Dive
Show Details1hr 13min
Underdog Day!
Show Details21min 22s
Bracketology Early Special, College Hoops Plays
Show Details52min 3s
Hammering Totals on a Coin Flip Monday
Show Details26min 40s
Kansas City, Here I Come... with Sterling Holmes
Show Details1hr 11min
Wagner on our Minds, All CBB and NBA Coverage
Show Details1hr 3min
Stack Some Cash on Wednesday
Show Details18min 50s
Vanderbilt Leads the Way, All CBB and NBA Handicaps
Show Details54min 37s
Gold Bucks
Show Details27min 17s
Weekend Free College Hoops Betting Bonanza
Show Details1hr 2min
Headed to Northern Alabamie
Show Details47min 49s
Tricky College and Pro Hoops Cards, How to Find Values
Show Details56min 47s
Monster Wednesday for College Cashers
Show Details45min 47s
Tuesday Best Bets off a 2-0 Monday Sweep, Super Bowl Props
Show Details20min 52s
Is February the Month of the Dog?
Show Details21min 43s
Friday Best Bets on All Hoops
Show Details26min 6s
Pop Quiz Thursday Returns | Full NBA and CBB Best Bet Breakdown
Show Details59min 20s
Vegas Hates Home Teams Today
Show Details18min 19s
Miami-Ohio and Every Other College Hoops Betting Breakdown
Show Details44min 35s
10-Game NBA Monday, Some Juicy Money Lines
Show Details34min 43s
NFL Championship Weekend, Hoops MegaBlast
Show Details59min 41s
College Runs the Day, NBA Props and Dogs
Show Details1hr 7min
A Special Big 12 Show with Derek Duke
Show Details35min 21s
Pop Quiz Contest, All College Games and Even Some NHL
Show Details37min 45s
MLK Day Live Betting, Early MMA Look-Ahead
Show Details44min 7s
NFL, NBA, Soccer, MMA... Hot Dogs?
Show Details1hr 17min
Harry Gagnon on ALL Sports, Even Bowling
Show Details1hr 3min
Cover Every Hoops Game Why Don't Ya
Show Details1hr 15min
What the Heck is Vaderism?
Show Details1hr 7min
I Wanna Talk to Hampton
Show Details35min 11s
Keep Giving Me Points with the Hawks
Show Details31min 19s
Prop Bet Time, Money to be Made on a 10-game Tuesday in the NBA
Show Details51min 40s
Big Spreads on the NBA Monday Slate
Show Details39min 1s
Let's Cover 40 Teams! A College Hoops and Football Weekend Party
Show Details54min 42s
Atlanta Hawks, NBA Preseason Lines and Thursday Night Football Part 2
Show Details1hr 21min
Thursday Night Football, College Hoops, and Parallels Between Fantasy Sports and Betting
Show Details1hr 20min
Special Guest Dave Bearman on NFL, College Sports, NBA
Show Details46min 4s
UFC 256 Betting Preview
Show Details1hr 8min
Monday Night Football, Seahawks and Eagles
Show Details13min 14s
Turkey Day Hangover Mega Card
Show Details41min 5s
Pre-Thanksgiving Sports Explosion
Show Details25min 56s
College Hoops is Back!
Show Details22min 17s
Football Friday, November 20 Style
Show Details16min 47s
Thursday College Two-Pack, NFL Showdown
Show Details24min 24s
More MAC, Wednesday Edition
Show Details37min 55s
Tuesdays are for MAC Lovers... and Winning
Show Details19min 37s
Bringing Back the Miracle Man | MNF | UFC
Show Details54min 19s
Football Friday the 13th!
Show Details42min 59s
Thursday Night Football, Colts-Titans Quick Hitter
Show Details10min 38s
More MAC with The Pick Hub
Show Details42min 36s
MACtion on Tuesday, Three Fun Ones
Show Details37min 51s
Monday Night Football, Pats-Jets
Show Details35min 10s
First Futbol Football Friday
Show Details53min 30s
Mountain West Football Day
Show Details38min 28s
Return of the MAC
Show Details1hr 37min
Football Friday is Back Again, Trevor Lawrence, Michigan Takes
Show Details38min 33s
Falcons-Panthers NFL Betting and Sun Belt Weekend
Show Details1hr 4min
Dodgers Win, Big Weekend Football (NFL and College) Breakdown
Show Details1hr 9min
World Series Game 6, Sun Belt Breakdown
Show Details32min 48s
Monday Night Football, Bears and Rams Betting Breakdown
Show Details25min 31s
All Football Weekend Special for Oct 24-25
Show Details1hr 6min
World Series Game 3, College Action
Show Details1hr 24min
Fly Eagles, Fly (with Eytan Shander)
Show Details38min 43s
World Series Game 2, Football Wednesday Look-Ahead
Show Details17min 51s
The World Series
Show Details25min 56s
Mid-Majors, NFL, CFB... Every Football Game Ever Weekend Special
Show Details1hr 15min
Friday, Saturday and Sunday Wagers for MLB, NFL and CFB
Show Details1hr 4min
A Quickie CFB and MLB Preview Show (1 of 2 Episodes Today)
Show Details31min 33s
Best Bets for October 14, 2020: Slow Roasting Wednesday College Football Plays
Show Details1hr 14min
Tuesday Football, MLB Postseason Continues
Show Details16min 56s
Monday Night Football & MLB League Championship Series
Show Details15min 40s
Who to Bet on College Football Weekend 5, Part 1
Show Details37min 5s
Best Bets for October 8, 2020: Why Not Sting Again, Rays?
Show Details1hr
Best Bets for October 7, 2020: Stinging Rays
Show Details31min 32s
Best Bets for Tuesday, September 6, 2020: A Packed Day of Action in All Sports
Show Details27min 58s
Monday Night Football, Week 4
Show Details33min 8s
Football Weekend 4
Show Details1hr 9min
Let the Football Weekend Commence
Show Details30min 52s
Playoff Baseball All Day | NBA Finals | Football Sleeper Bets
Show Details38min 53s
MLB Playoffs Begin & NBA, NCAAF Previews
Show Details16min 11s
Kris Abbott on Monday Night Football, Betting
Show Details35min 49s
Football Weekend 3
Show Details1hr 16min
Jason Radowitz on MLB, NFL Week 3 Bets
Show Details27min 30s
Best Bets for September 24, 2020: Thursday Night Football and More!
Show Details33min 47s
Special Guest Sam Panayotovich on NFL, NBA, Futures, More
Show Details54min 21s
Paul Carr on Soccer, Betting
Show Details43min 40s
NBA with JVT
Show Details36min 7s
NFL and College Football Weekend Special Two
Show Details53min 5s
Circa Millions Contest with Mike Palm
Show Details41min 11s
Thursday Night Football, Week 2
Show Details1hr 13min
Best Bets for September 16, 2020: Early Look Toward College Football
Show Details38min 8s
Best Bets for September 15, 2020: Conference Finals Start and MLB
Show Details33min 30s
Monday Night Football, Week One | MLB, NHL Bets
Show Details29min 15s
NFL and CFB Weekend Special Number One
Show Details50min 36s
Best Bets for September 11, 2020: NFL Weekend Preview & MLB, NHL Slates
Show Details25min 31s
Best Bets for September 10, 2020: NFL is Back, Exclamation Point!
Show Details24min 47s
Best Bets for September 9, 2020: Billy the Marlin, Bring it on Home
Show Details25min 1s
Best Bets for September 8, 2020: Who Does Number Two Work For?
Show Details40min 39s
Best Bets for September 7, 2020: A Birthday and a Reunion... and some Football
Show Details37min 40s
Special Kentucky Derby Episode
Show Details36min 30s
Best Bets for September 4, 2020: NFL Futures and Top Wagers
Show Details53min 21s
Best Bets for September 3, 2020: Holy Crap It's NCAA Football!
Show Details44min 27s
Best Bets for September 2, 2020: Thunderous Intentions
Show Details20min 38s
Best Bets for August 31, 2020: So Easy, a Caveman Can Do It
Show Details22min 10s
Best Bets for August 26, 2020: MLB, NBA In-Game & Special Guest Gill Alexander
Show Details30min 21s
Best Bets for August 25, 2020: I Love Gold
Show Details19min 15s
Best Bets for August 24, 2020: In-Game NBA Fun with Guest Dan Besbris
Show Details40min 9s
Best Bets for August 19, 2020: Luka and Key
Show Details23min 26s
Best Bets for August 17, 2020: Set Your Playoff Clocks
Show Details38min 34s
Best Bets for August 14, 2020: Twinkies for All
Show Details45min 2s
Best Bets for August 13, 2020: Grab a Blue Coat
Show Details21min 45s
Gambling for August 12, 2020: Dave Loughran on DFS | MLB, NBA, NHL Best Bets
Show Details36min 40s
Gambling for August 11, 2020: Stars on Ice
Show Details24min 50s
Gambling for August 10, 2020: Friars for the Money
Show Details33min 28s
Gambling for August 7, 2020: Panthers on the Prowl
Show Details49min 28s
Gambling for August 6, 2020: Home on the Rangers
Show Details31min 18s
Gambling for August 4, 2020: To the South Side We Go
Show Details33min 21s
Best Bets, Sports in Full Swing (MLB, NHL, NBA)
Show Details43min 50s
Best Bets 8/2/20
Show Details53min 10s
MLB, NBA, NHL... Bets from All Three for August 1, 2020
Show Details32min 6s
NBA Resumption Bonus Pick | MLB Best Bets July 30
Show Details40min 15s
MLB Best Bets for July 29, 2020
Show Details26min 48s
MLB Best Bets 7/28/20
Show Details21min 15s
MLB Best Bets 7/27/20
Show Details19min 19s
MLS Best Bets | MLB Best Bets | MMA Card for July 25, 2020
Show Details16min 28s
MLB Best Bets Show for July 24, 2020
Show Details42min 21s
MLB Opening Night Best Bets
Show Details18min 41s
A Sports Betting Primer with Dave Essler
Show Details1hr 10min
Golf Best Bets for the Memorial Tournament with Justin Macmahan
Show Details33min 27s
KBO Action for July 14, We're Rolling Now
Show Details25min 52s
KBO July 13th Breakdown
Show Details28min 43s
KBO Picks For The July 10th Slate
Show Details30min 2s
NBA Lines, Restart Odds, MMA UFC Fight Island
Show Details32min 49s
NBA Restart, Poker, Futures
Show Details27min 51s
Aussie Rules Football Best Bets!
Show Details37min 15s
KBO Slate and Bets for 6/11/20
Show Details34min 43s
KBO RECAP, Bundesliga and MMA
Show Details47min 20s
Pamela Maldonado & Big 12 Football
Show Details40min 57s
Grizzlies, Ja & NBA Return with David Williams
Show Details1hr 6min
NCAA Return, Pels, NBA with Lyle Swithenbank
Show Details49min 25s
Clips, USC & NFL with Brandon Marcus
Show Details38min 24s
Crossover Pod with Greg Mroz of Hoop Ball Bulls
Show Details1hr 1min
Adam Burke of on Betting, KBO, Covid and More
Show Details1hr 3min
NFL Draft Review & Tailgate Podcast Pals
Show Details48min 49s
Harry Gagnon on All Things Betting
Show Details39min 38s
KBO DFS, the All-Acronym Show
Show Details33min 41s
KBO Bullpens & Bundesliga Goal Differentials
Show Details49min 34s
KBO Update and Big Breakdown ... Well, Hello There Bundesliga
Show Details37min 29s
Bundesliga, KBO and Yep, Table Tennis
Show Details16min 11s
Return to Degeneracy
Show Details11min 3s
End of the World?
Show Details31min 24s
Guess What Day It Is? NBA, CBB, NHL, Let's Bet
Show Details18min 14s
B-Ball for All & Corona Fallout
Show Details28min 25s
Flaming Hot Cheetos, NBA and Red Wine
Show Details26min 36s
Solo Saturday, Slashin' All Sports
Show Details17min 15s
Hoops, Baseball, Homers and Cy Youngs... the Best!
Show Details53min 12s
Thirsty Thursday Returns, and Guess Them Lines
Show Details18min 17s
Basketball Galore Betting Time
Show Details19min 10s
Guess the Lines Day, plus College Hoops Best Bets
Show Details39min 36s
The Madness, March; Start with some NBA
Show Details39min 40s
Saturday Bonus Hoops of All Sizes
Show Details30min 50s
NBA, Mid-Majors and MLB Futures with Josh and Devin
Show Details1hr 7min
Beefy Thursday Spreads in NBA, NHL Faves
Show Details16min 55s
Player Props, Another Market Worth Exploiting
Show Details1hr 18min
Guess the Lines? Why Bother! They're Out Already
Show Details34min 13s
Big Spreads on an NBA Monday
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Full NBA Slate, and a Visit to ESPN 8, the Ocho!
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Basketball is Back!
Show Details31min 30s
The Tilt is Real
Show Details49min 2s
NBA on Break, but Others Are Rolling
Show Details38min 11s
Presidents Day
Show Details26min 16s
The Betting Process, Model Building and Analysis
Show Details42min 40s
All Star Game Weekend
Show Details38min 23s
Turning Water into Wine
Show Details25min 55s
Hump Day Before the Break
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Guess that Line Tuesday, February 11th Edition: NBA, plus CBB
Show Details39min 15s
Can the Magic Continue on Monday?
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Saturday Slate of Shenanigans
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Friday Time - NBA, CBB and Yes, Even XFL!
Show Details1hr 12min
Betting on Trade Deadline Day
Show Details29min 50s
Big Wednesday NBA, CBB & Ira's Family Fade
Show Details42min 15s
Devin is Celebrating in Kansas City & Short NBA Betting Time
Show Details37min
Super Bowl Hangover NBA Time
Show Details51min 33s
Super Bowl Time, Plus NBA, CBB and Lakers
Show Details1hr 3min
NBA on TNT, Week 15 with Special Guest Dan Besbris
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Wednesday NBA, CBB, Hockey
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Straight NBA, and Running Hot
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Mamba... The Show Must Go On
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College Hoops Time!
Show Details29min 57s
Yeah, We Talk Royal Rumble, Too
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NBA on TNT Betting, Week 14
Show Details18min 35s
Too Much Good Hoops
Show Details52min 40s
Learning from Previous Wagers
Show Details43min 37s
MLK Day, Let's Place Some Wagers
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Bonus Saturday NBA, College and Hockey Time!
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Friday NBA, Some NFL Championship Round Goodies and a Special College Play
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Our First TNT Thursday Betting Show
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Big Wednesday, Some Favorites Stand Out
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Predicting Lines on Show Two
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NBA Card, College Football Championship Debut Day
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An Introduction
Show Details8min 51s