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Aboard the Opal Star

An Esper Genesis 5e actual play podcast.

An unlikely group of friends explores the stars trying to find their place among them, answering questions about themselves and the universe. Because sometimes the biggest mysteries are closer to home than you realize, and the universe is a very strange place. 

And life is never boring aboard the Opal Star.


Adversary Playtest: The Spelling Bee
Show Details1hr 45min
56. Several Years Ago
Show Details1hr 12min
Sole Sol - A Ten Candles One-Shot
Hide Details1hr 54min

The universe has reached its end, but it has one last prayer before it goes.

Find the game here: https://cavalrygames.com/ten-candles-info

Music: Mausoleum and Labrinth from the Dungeon Music Pack on HumbleBundle

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1hr 54min
Published Oct 31, 2022 at 11:35am
Two Years Later: A Retrospective
Show Details1hr 7min
55. What Happens Next
Show Details1hr 7min
54. A Whisper in the Shadows
Show Details1hr 10min
53. Risk & Reward Part 3
Show Details46min 17s
52. Risk & Reward Part 2
Show Details50min 51s
51. Risk & Reward Part 1
Show Details53min 24s
50. The Opposite of Laying Low Part 3
Show Details55min 54s
49. The Opposite of Laying Low Part 2
Show Details54min 50s
48. The Opposite of Laying Low Part 1
Show Details53min 57s
47 Enemy of My Enemy Part 2
Show Details57min 47s
46. Enemy of My Enemy Part 1
Show Details50min 30s
45. A Deal in the Making
Show Details1hr
44. Threat Assessment
Show Details58min 33s
43. A Baitless Trap
Show Details1hr 2min
42. Connections & Contingencies
Show Details50min 15s
41. Possibilities
Show Details48min 14s
Reality Check
Show Details1hr 36min
Charity one-shot: Dragons and Owls and Bears, Oh My!
Show Details1hr 37min
40. Security Alert
Show Details53min 46s
39. Paragon Industries
Show Details49min 12s
38. The Meaning of Dreams
Show Details1hr 7min
37. A Musical Trail
Show Details52min 35s
36. Status Update
Show Details52min 9s
35. The Third Challenge
Show Details46min 42s
34. History Lines the Walls
Show Details47min 4s
33. Preparing for the Vault
Show Details51min 56s
Call of Cthulhu: Carousel of Mist
Show Details2hr 21min
32. The Dropping of Shoes
Show Details53min 20s
31. A Piece of History, For the Future
Show Details43min 31s
30.5 And then...
Show Details5min 25s
30. The Art of the Fight
Show Details1hr 12min
29. Trouble Back Home
Show Details48min 50s
28. To Save a Life
Show Details1hr
27. To Tame a Beast
Show Details55min 16s
26. Rekura
Show Details1hr 17min
25. In Transit
Show Details52min 30s
Special: Next Gen Witches 3
Show Details56min 14s
Special: Next Gen Witches 2
Show Details1hr 4min
Special: Next Gen Witches 1
Show Details59min 2s
24. Tea Leaves and Memories
Show Details40min 57s
23. To Steal a Heist
Show Details48min 37s
22. A New Mission
Show Details59min 10s
21. Information Gathering
Show Details1hr 8min
20. An Interesting Proposition
Show Details44min 7s
19. Cirq Deliri: The Second Act
Show Details1hr 2min
18. Cirq Deliri
Show Details49min 4s
A New Message for the New Year
Show Details3min 11s
17. A Moment of Self Discovery
Show Details53min 8s
16. The Crucible Tour
Show Details44min 19s
15. Dinner and a Show
Show Details52min 47s
14. You have reached your destination
Show Details1hr 10min
Special: To End a Curse - Epilogue
Show Details19min 1s
Special: To End a Curse Pt 5
Show Details1hr 5min
Special: To End a Curse Pt 4
Show Details48min 10s
Special: To End a Curse Pt 3
Show Details48min 37s
Special: To End a Curse Pt 2
Show Details58min 23s
Special: To End a Curse Pt 1
Show Details1hr 3min
13. A Few Days Rest
Show Details58min 45s
12. Ever Onward
Show Details37min 56s
11. Don't Feed the Wildlife
Show Details1hr 4min
10. Cyborg Fashion Show
Show Details1hr 6min
9. New World Wake-up Call
Show Details1hr 3min
8. Rest and Research Stations
Show Details1hr 2min
7. Welcome to the Universe
Show Details56min 44s
Show Details4min 58s
6. It Gets Complicated
Show Details48min 18s
5. The Chase is On
Show Details1hr 1min
4. Not According to Plan
Show Details47min 9s
3. Well That's Suspicious
Show Details48min 26s
2. A Very Strange Mission Pt. 2
Show Details1hr 2min
1. A Very Strange Mission
Show Details52min 38s
Welcome Aboard
Show Details6min 28s