Aboard the Opal Star

Aboard the Opal Star is an Esper Genesis 5e actual play podcast, following the journey of three friends as they learn just how strange the universe really is.


15. Dinner and a Show
Show Details52min 47s
14. You have reached your destination
Show Details1hr 10min
Special: To End a Curse - Epilogue
Show Details19min 1s
Special: To End a Curse Pt 5
Show Details1hr 5min
Special: To End a Curse Pt 4
Show Details48min 10s
Special: To End a Curse Pt 3
Show Details48min 37s
Special: To End a Curse Pt 2
Show Details58min 23s
Special: To End a Curse Pt 1
Show Details1hr 3min
13. A Few Days Rest
Show Details58min 45s
12. Ever Onward
Show Details37min 56s
11. Don't Feed the Wildlife
Show Details1hr 4min
10. Cyborg Fashion Show
Show Details1hr 6min
9. New World Wake-up Call
Show Details1hr 3min
8. Rest and Research Stations
Show Details1hr 2min
7. Welcome to the Universe
Show Details1hr 3min
Show Details4min 58s
6. It Gets Complicated
Show Details48min 18s
5. The Chase is On
Show Details1hr 1min
4. Not According to Plan
Show Details47min 9s
3. Well That's Suspicious
Show Details1hr 33min
2. A Very Strange Mission Pt. 2
Show Details1hr 2min
1. A Very Strange Mission
Show Details52min 38s
Welcome Aboard
Show Details6min 28s