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Let's Give It A Go

Do you need a laugh today? Join hosts Bill & Amanda as they delve into the complexities of everything from the challenges of blending their families to current events. If you are looking for some easy listening while we make light of our past, present and future, then this show is for YOU!


Episode 26: Remember Y2K?
Show Details48min 34s
Episode 25: We're Back!!!! || There Goes The Neighborhood!!!!
Show Details38min 9s
Episode 24: What Did The 5 Fingers Say To The Face?
Show Details44min 4s
Episode 23: Dicknotized
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 22: Technology Survival Buckets
Show Details49min 54s
Episode 21: Tattoo We Fah-Q
Show Details48min 20s
Episode 20: Group Chats..... Get A Room
Show Details58min 46s
Episode 19: The Podcast Swindler
Show Details40min 44s
Episode 18: Do You Fantasize????
Show Details41min 5s
Episode 17: Dumper Or Naw?
Show Details46min 32s
Episode 16: Sex In The Metaverse?????
Show Details55min 33s
Episode 15: Flurona??? Name The Next Variant
Show Details40min 52s
Episode 14: Gluck Gluck WTF????
Show Details33min 4s
Thank You!!!!!
Show Details1min 47s
Episode 13: Enraged to Engaged
Show Details45min 31s
Episode 12: Kids Go Ballistic
Show Details34min 59s
Episode 11: Hold Me Tight
Show Details44min 29s
Episode 10: Tonight Let's Talk!!! Pt.2
Show Details38min 34s
Episode 8: Covid Estate
Show Details46min 55s
Episode 7: Face Masks, Computers, & Jigsaw
Show Details44min 31s
Episode 6: Black and Ugly as Ever!!
Show Details50min 33s
Episode 5: Consensual
Show Details32min 15s
Episode 4: Feeling Old Yet???
Show Details52min 40s
Episode 3: Do Black People....
Show Details41min 11s
Episode 2: Tonight Let's Talk!!!
Show Details31min 1s
Episode 1: Dragon Feet!!!
Show Details33min 39s
Episode 0: What's It All About??
Show Details5min 10s