The Blossoming Creative

Helping artists, designers, makers - all type of creatives grow, nurture and bloom their business! Host Franka Grubisic creates a safe space to discuss the creative journey from its roots until it thrives. The podcast explores all stages of the creative journey, from planting an idea to a flourishing business, and everything in between. Topics include creative mindset (money, confidence, comparison, imposter syndrome, loneliness), business strategies (pricing, product, launch etc) & personal story successes (and failures!).


07 - Thanks, but I'm not doing that for free
Show Details16min 56s
06 - The overwhelm of consistently posting new art to social media
Show Details21min 5s
05. The benefits of taking a break and questioning rules
Show Details24min 27s
04. 8 reasons to make art, even if no one is watching
Show Details4min 43s
03. How to respond when you've been asked to work for free
Show Details13min 43s
02. 3 reasons why you are not making more money
Show Details21min 15s
01. Introduction: What is The Blossoming Creative Show?
Show Details5min 45s