What do you get when you give two girls who have no business starting a podcast? Seasonal. Seasonal is a podcast hosted by Naomi and Martha; two highschool girls just trying to make it by. Join us each week on Tuesdays as we discuss new trends, recent news, life updates, and the struggles of being a teenager in the 21st century.

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The Time We Almost Stole Beyoncé's Career
Show Details40min 26s
The Problem With David Dobrik And The Vlog Squad
Show Details54min 41s
Pedophilia In The Media
Show Details41min 20s
Would You Date Someone Who Has Dirty Fingernails?
Show Details39min 48s
Are We Influencers? No Just tWo hIgHsChOoL gIrLs
Show Details31min 53s
Our Metabolisms Are Working Overtime
Show Details39min 3s
There’s No Guarantee That I Won’t Bark At My Aunt Again
Show Details23min 24s
Martha Chewed Gum for 3 Days Straight...
Show Details44min 29s
Seasonal Trailer
Show Details1min 42s