Lo Que No Me Dijeron

“Lo Que No Me Dijeron” meaning “What They Didn't Tell Me” is a weekly podcast for first-generation folks of all cultural backgrounds. Raised in Long Beach, CA with a dual bachelor's, Carina Suazo is a modern Latina who will be spilling the tea on topics ranging from family expectations, the taboo topic of sex, college life, profession, and more. Navigating life as a first-generation Latina is filled with trials and errors & faking it till we make it. It’s time to shed some light on our experiences, the mistakes made, and lessons learned to build each other up. 


Part 3: Placing an Offer
Show Details17min 46s
Part 2: Sticking to the Budget
Show Details14min 22s
Part 1: My Home Journey
Show Details20min 10s
Pivoting Careers in the Middle of the Pandemic
Show Details20min 27s
Push me down & I"ll push you out.
Show Details10min 19s
Hold Up, Wait a Minute
Show Details12min 35s
Two Piercings & Skinny Jeans
Show Details11min 46s
My first step with this "Adulting" thing
Show Details17min 18s
Welcome to Lo Que No Me Dijeron
Show Details2min 20s