Lo Que No Me Dijeron

“Lo Que No Me Dijeron” meaning “What They Didn't Tell Me” is a weekly podcast for first-generation folks of all cultural backgrounds. Raised in Long Beach, CA with a dual bachelor's, Carina Suazo is a modern Latina who will be spilling the tea on topics ranging from family expectations, the taboo topic of sex, college life, profession, and more. Navigating life as a first-generation Latina is filled with trials and errors & faking it till we make it. It’s time to shed some light on our experiences, the mistakes made, and lessons learned to build each other up. 


We Have Options!
Show Details11min 54s
Cold Feet
Show Details18min 16s
Part 4: Its Closing Time
Show Details16min 53s
Part 3: Placing an Offer
Show Details17min 46s
Part 2: Sticking to the Budget
Show Details14min 22s
Part 1: My Home Journey
Show Details20min 10s
Pivoting Careers in the Middle of the Pandemic
Show Details20min 27s
Hold Up, Wait a Minute
Show Details12min 35s
Push me down & I"ll push you out.
Show Details10min 19s
Two Piercings & Skinny Jeans
Show Details11min 46s
My first step with this "Adulting" thing
Show Details17min 18s
Welcome to Lo Que No Me Dijeron
Show Details2min 20s