The Great Movie Showdown

Two movies enter, one movie leaves...

Each week two of our favorite films go head to head In a March madness style bracket to determine which is the ultimate movie.


The r/wallstreetbets episode - TGMS
Show Details47min 10s
TGMS 17 Toy Story 3 vs Monsters Inc.
Show Details1hr 19min
2020 Christmas Special
Show Details1hr 54min
TGMS 16 (Monsters U vs Incredibles 2) vs Beauty and The Beast
Show Details1hr 36min
TGMS 15 Toy Story 4 vs Tangled
Show Details1hr 35min
The Great Spooky Showdown
Show Details2hr
TGMS 14 Up vs Lilo & Stitch
Show Details1hr 44min
TGMS 13 Brave vs Moana
Show Details59min 26s
TGMS 12 (The Emperors New Groove vs The Princess and The Frog) vs The Incredibles
Show Details1hr 30min
TGMS 11: Tarzan vs Finding Nemo
Show Details1hr 33min
TGMS 10 Toy Story 2 vs The Lion King
Show Details1hr 26min
TGMS The Nice Guys vs Inherent Vice
Show Details1hr 50min
TGMS 9 Toy Story vs Mulan
Show Details1hr 41min
TGMS 8 (The Good Dinosaur vs Finding Dory) vs Wreck it Ralph
Show Details1hr 30min
TGMS 7 Inside Out vs Pocahontas
Show Details1hr 22min
TGMS 6: A Bug's Life vs Frozen
Show Details1hr 34min
TGMS 5 Atlantis vs Wall-E
Show Details1hr 25min
The Great Movie Showdown: Steve Jobs vs The Social Network (Bonus episode)
Show Details1hr 8min
The Great Movie Showdown episode 4 (Big Hero 6 vs Zootopia) vs Ratatouille
Show Details1hr 19min
The Great Movie Showdown episode 3: Coco vs The Little Mermaid
Show Details1hr 25min
The Great Movie Showdown episode 2: Monsters inc. vs Aladdin
Show Details1hr 24min
The Great Movie Showdown ep1 Hercules vs Toy Story 3
Show Details55min 8s