Appalachian Timberghost Outdoor Adventures

A show that talks about hunting, fishing and the great outdoors. We will hit on the latest conservation stories and the latest gear and techniques of the hunting and fishing world. If you are new to the outdoors, we will gladly give out advice and tutorials. Pull up a chair and we'll tell some of our best campfire stories


Ep.15 : Sika Deer Adventures
Show Details19min 2s
Ep.14: It's Time For Glasses; There's No Practice In Life. Cheap Waders for the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge Sika Deer Hunt.
Show Details25min 28s
Ep.13: I Don't Trust Myself with Mushrooms
Show Details23min 31s
Ep. 12: On The Road Again
Show Details41min 24s
Ep.11: Part 2; Blue crab fishing, Alone tv show thoughts
Show Details38min 3s
Ep. 10 : Torn Like an Old Sweater, Catching Blue Crabs Part 1
Show Details51min 26s
Ep.9: Your Senses Are On Steroids
Show Details37min 37s
Ep.8: Sacrificed Turkey Hunting For Stripers; Mousing for trout
Show Details24min 24s
Ep.7: Pick Up a Book, and Get Outside; Traditional Bowhunter, Ron Rohrbaugh
Show Details59min 22s
Ep.6: Tape a fishing line to the end of a stick; Amsoil Snocross, Pro Series rider, Hunter Patenaude
Show Details37min 55s
Ep.5: Tiny Boat Nation's, Michael Lopez
Show Details38min 36s
Ep.4: Pushing a Camera Aside and Shooting A Buck, Because You Can't Get Him On Film: Clede Spooner, From "Struttinbuck"
Show Details37min 27s
Ep.3: Get Rid Of Seagulls and Other Pest Birds, Using Falcons: Falconer, Alicia Pickett-Hale
Show Details34min 31s
Ep. 2: You're Not Going To Get Bit By A Timber Rattlesnake In New York
Show Details21min 7s
Appalachian Timberghost Outdoor Adventures Episode1 The Introduction
Show Details21min 50s