Twice on Sunday: Congress, School Choice, Healthcare Costs, Greece, Gaming, Politics, & more

2h 31m | Feb 19, 2023

On this week's Heard Tell Twice on Sunday recap:

Journalist and congressional reporter for The Independent Eric Garcia about the slowest start to a congress anyone can remember, being in the room for the "weaponized government" hearings, debt ceiling fight, focus on China, and how the looming elections will affect what happens in the house and senate.

Writer and Young Voices contributor Elizabeth Grace Matthew joins to talk education and her recent piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on how the rich have always had school choice, education discussion post-Covid, the disconnect between school systems and school classrooms, and the frustration of parents, students, and teachers at the current issues.

 Tanner Aliff, healthcare policy manager for Cicero Institute, about healthcare costs, both financial and in trying to navigate the increasingly confusing and contradictory system, moving from arguments and buzzwords to policies and solutions, understanding cost drivers, and dealing with the frustration of it all.

Alexander Petropoulos of Young Voices brings his own heritage and experiences with Greece to explain the how the world's "birthplace of democracy" is at a modern crossroads of government, geopolitics, economic upheaval, internal politics, and external pressures.

Our friend and journalist Peter Pitschke on the evolving world of gaming culture and media, how news media has a disconnect when covering gaming, Peter's exclusive interview with Frosk about the G4 collapse and her controversial on-air viral rant, the caterwauling over the new Hogwarts Legacy game, and the importance of understanding a culture when reporting on it.

We go to the Heard Tell archieves for one of our best coversations from 2021 as Dennis Sanders and host Andrew Donaldson talk about dealing with crazymakers in politics and media, the recent American history that is fueling the current political decent, and how news media and politicans aren't giving us the answers we need, but folks aren't asking the right questions either.


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