Insider Perspective On Congress Beyond The Headlines w/ Congressional Reporter Eric Garcia

1h 0m | May 2, 2024

Your Heard Tell Show is turning down the noise of the news cycle and getting to the information we need to discern our times by going beyond the headlines and into the halls of congress with Eric Garcia, the Washington bureau chief and senior Washington Correspondent at the Independent. Eric explains the current changes in congress that saw the foreign aid bills passed, the apparently sideline-ing of Marjorie Taylor Greene and the chaos caucus's constant threats of removing Speaker Johnson, how the looming elections are affecting the politics on Capitol Hill, generational change coming to the US Senate, simmering internal strife with the Democratic Party, and what the post-election congress might look like. Plus, we end on a good note with the story a immigrant who already had an incredible story of coming to America and battling cancer, and that was before he hit a billion dollar lottery prize.

All that and more on this episode of Heard Tell.

Reporting referenced in this episode:

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s exercise in vanity has failed

Democrats say they would save Republican speaker amid ouster attempt

The intra-Democratic feud on Israel will not stop anytime soon


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