The Bookish Besties

Two best friends talking about books and occasionally their film adaptations. We talk about our reviews, themes, characters, and plot.


Fantasy Recap s2 ep21
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The Lighting Thief s2 ep20
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The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue s2 ep19
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Forest of a Thousand Lanterns s2 ep18
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Crooked Kingdom s2 ep17
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Six of Crows s2 ep16
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Ruin and Rising S2 ep15
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Siege and Storm s2 ep14
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Shadow and Bone s2 ep13
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The Wishing Spell s2 ep12
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The lion, the witch and the wardrobe s2 ep11
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The Thief of Always s2 ep10
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Shatter Me s1 ep9
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The Handmaid's Tale s1 ep8
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The Program s1 ep7
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Fahrenheit 451 s1 ep6
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The Crank Palace s1 ep5
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The Kill Order & Fever Code s1 ep4
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The Death Cure s1 ep3
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The Scorch Trials s1 ep2
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The Maze Runner s1 e1
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The Bookish Besties Trailer
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