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You could literally be doing anything else with your time right now, but you’re here watching a random Indian guy talk to some random Persian dude about Hip Hop music, so for that we appreciate you!


CXC - 2020 Won (Dr. Dre's Health, Raekwon and Slick Rick are underrated, Em vs Snoop, Meg vs Tory Lanez continues, 2021 Music)
Show Details2hr 4min
CXC - The Top 5 Albums of 2020
Show Details1hr 12min
CXC - How Many Griselda Projects Can Make the Top 10 (Gogo and Luniq's Top 15 Albums (15 to 10))
Show Details1hr 5min
CXC- The Premonition (Albums of 2020 - Honorable Mentions)
Show Details25min 25s
CXC - Christmas Came Early (Andrew Schulz Netflix Special Recap, Eminem MTBMB - B-Side, & Holiday Cookies)
Show Details1hr 20min
CXC - The Magic of December - (December Birthdays and Album Anniversaries)
Show Details1hr 20min
CXC - Ladies Leave Your Man At Home (HOV & The Game Birthday, Grammy's Drop the Ball, Young Thug Lying & Endless Orgasms)
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CXC - First Things Firs, Rest in Peace Uncle Phil (Fresh Prince Reunion, New Music Reviews, Gucci vs Jeezy)
Show Details1hr 35min
CXC - 3 Easy Steps to Becoming LeBron
Show Details1hr 15min
CXC - Busta Rhymes is Back (FDT, Fast Food & Furious Debut, Rank the Legends)
Show Details1hr 33min
CXC - A Lil Peace of Mind (Nelly & Diddy Birthdays, Luniq Interview, Griselda 2020)
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Show Details1hr 5min