Legs Esports Series

A common misconception about Esports is that it's just people playing video games all day but there's so much more to it than that.

It's a journey which requires dedication, hard work, consistency and good networking skills.

I’m Ernold and this is the LEGS Esports podcast series in which different experts share their experiences, their struggles and what it takes to become successful within the Esport world!


Pierre Silcock-Commerman shares his 5 years' experience of production and online broadcasting
Show Details23min 19s
John shares his experiences in finding the right sponsors for his team
Show Details21min 1s
Ste Bergin - The right equipment for creating content
Show Details22min 12s
Brandon Ly and how he grew his international network
Show Details21min 20s
Monica's mission is to help other gamers get in good shape
Show Details21min 37s
Tyler Nienburg decided to take things to the next level even in difficult times.
Show Details19min 13s
Neil Malvone tells us the importance of being well-organised
Show Details22min 57s
Dr Joey Gawrysiak tells us about the educational opportunities
Show Details30min 32s
Kim Meltzer (known as the Esports Mom) shares her Esports experience.
Show Details26min 50s
John Davidson shares his passion for esports and the importance of good communication.
Show Details27min 57s
Zac Aeneas Tepe and the importance of remaining authentic.
Show Details26min 2s
Wes Byrd will shares how he and his team built Skullz Inc.
Show Details35min 42s
Tristin Chambers, who was bullied for his autism and Asperger's
Show Details28min 10s
Cameron Vanloo shares his Esports journey in the academic world
Show Details23min 50s
Bert Beattie talks about his passion for Esports
Show Details29min 46s
Phillip Russell who will explain how he became successful in Esports
Show Details17min 49s