Marnie Bothmer: Neurodivergent approaches to fitness & movement

1h 3m | Feb 20, 2023

Episode 125 with Marnie Bothmer.

“I feel like society tells you that you’re weird, so you learn to not like who you are. But now I realize I really like my silly, impulsive side.”

Marnie is a fitness professional who believes that fitness can be utilized as a tool for increasing confidence and empowerment. She works with people who are going through something in life to view movement in a different way than society has defined it for us. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018 and ADHD in 2021, her approach in the fitness world really shifted into what our bodies CAN do, and is excited to share that with others! 

Marnie & I talk about some of the struggles that feel unique to neurodivergent brains, as well as some tips on how to realistically incorporate and sustain movement in our lives.


Instagram: @marniebstrength4life

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