Sarah Collins: Burnout & the pressure to have it all together

Episode 187
57m | Jun 3, 2024

Episode 187 with Sarah Collins.

“I’ve probably spent more money on therapy than anything else in my life, and yet nobody ever said anything about ADHD or neurodivergence.”

Sarah is an activist and entrepreneur. Having grown up in apartheid South Africa, Sarah has spent much of her life passionate about social justice and improving the welfare of others, especially when it comes to gender equality and environmental sustainability.

In 2008, Sarah founded Wonderbag, a portable, non-electric slow cooker designed to retain heat and continue cooking food after being brought to a boil. It has enormous versatility, especially for communities in crisis where electricity and fuel are either scarce or non-existent. Wonderbag has won dozens of environmental & leadership achievements over the years, and was voted one of the world's Top 50 Genius Companies by Time Magazine in 2018.

Sarah and I talk about the ups and downs of being a neurodivergent entrepreneur, as well as how neurodiversity intersects with innovation and its potential to spark humanitarian change. And we also talk about the very real hidden costs of being an ADHD entrepreneur, like masking, burnout, and the constant pressure to appear as if you have it all together. 

Sarah is also my coaching client, and we talk about the difference coaching has made in her life since her adult diagnosis. If you’re looking to make that step in your own life, make sure to head over to to book a free introductory consult with me to find out if we’re the right fit. 


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