Brooke Schnittman: Navigating underwhelm and building momentum

Episode 165
1h 3m | Nov 27, 2023

Episode 165 with Brooke Schnittman.

“You try to accommodate and please everyone and it ends up biting you in the ass because you're the one who suffers.”

Brooke is a compassionate ADHD coach who has worked alongside ADHDers and their families since 2006. However, Brooke herself wasn’t officially diagnosed with ADHD until 2019. 

She now runs Coaching with Brooke, an international coaching organization based in Boca Raton, FL, and she has rapidly become a leading global authority in the field of ADHD coaching.

She has been featured in magazines and websites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, ADDitude, and CHADD. Her work has also been featured on news outlets such as CBS, NBC, and FOX. She also hosts the SuccessFULL With ADHD podcast and runs the popular Instagram account, @coachingwithbrooke.

We talk about her new book, Activate Your ADHD Potential: A 12-Step Journey from Chaos to Confidence for Adults with ADHD, as well as her trademarked 3C activation program. We also talk about building and maintaining momentum, and moving past ADHD underwhelm, overwhelm, and other ADHD disruptors.

I’ve been trying to get Brooke on this podcast for years now, so I’m so glad we could finally make this work — it’s a fantastic conversation (no surprise there), and I know you’ll love what she has to say so here is my conversation with Brooke!


Instagram: @coachingwithbrooke


Activate Your ADHD Potential: A 12-Step Journey from Chaos to Confidence for Adults with ADHD by Brooke Schnittman

Coaching With Brooke’s Signature Group Coaching Program for High Achieving Adults “3C Activation”:

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