Lindsay Guentzel: Positive thinking & learning to accept help

Episode 167
57m | Dec 11, 2023

Episode 167 with Lindsay Guentzel.

“I am very outgoing, so people assume I’m an extrovert. But I'm very much an introvert who needs to go back to my little dark hole and recharge.”

Lindsay is a television and radio host, producer, writer and mental health advocate who started a new chapter in life after being diagnosed with ADHD in January 2021. She is also the executive producer and host of Refocused, A Podcast All About ADHD, a project fueled by her passion for fostering connection through storytelling and her never-ending curiosity to learn as much about ADHD as she can. 

Lindsay and I discuss how she got into journalism and her love for telling stories. We also talk about the power of positivity and being our own cheerleaders. And we talk about her diagnosis of dermatomyositis, and how she balances work and rest, and how she has learned to ask for (and accept) help from others. 


Instagram: @lindsayguentzel


Refocused, A Podcast All About ADHD

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