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414 Creative Legacy

Joshua Curtis is a lifestyle and brand photographer. He and his wife Melissa own and operate a creative agency 414 Creative. They both have a desire to help others cultivate their God dream and live out their creative destiny. The 414 Creative Legacy Podcast is a journey into the story of those creators, entrepreneurs, and ministers who have made it their lives mission to build a legacy. Listen and be inspired to live out your legacy. 


Michael Scobey | Launching a Church
Show Details1hr 18min
414 Creative | Staring Small
Show Details33min 45s
Christi Miranda | He is faithful
Show Details58min 49s
Carey Kepler | Power of mindset, community and showing up
Show Details1hr 20min
Adam McAbee | Launching a "God" idea - StadiumDrop
Show Details50min 9s
Kerry Ray | Being Human is sales
Show Details1hr 6min
Mike Yarbrough | Tending the fire!
Show Details1hr 28min
Friday Legacy Recap | Dr Jinneh Dyson
Show Details18min 38s
Dr Jinneh Dyson | Think Your Way Up
Show Details1hr 12min
Friday Legacy Recap | Stephen Gault
Show Details25min 40s
Stephen Gault | EP 4
Show Details1hr
Friday Legacy Recap | Kevin Anson
Show Details38min 11s
Kevin Anson | Make the offer
Show Details52min 15s
Show Details38min 39s
David Willis Part 2 | Ep 2
Show Details42min 21s
Friday Legacy Recap | David Willis Part 1
Show Details27min 16s
David Willis Part 1 | EP 1
Show Details51min 23s
414 Creative Legacy Intro | EP 0
Show Details30min 16s