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Hope is the illness of romantics and doubt is the illness of cynics.

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WJC Episode 32 Are Podcasts Sinister Sounds Promoting a New Medium of Misinformation?
Show Details38min 3s
WJC Episode 31 Is the American Dream Just a Dream?
Show Details38min 48s
WJC Episode 30 Freedoom vs Security Debate and Discussion
Show Details38min 48s
WJC Episode 029 First Watchdogs Episode: Digital Civil Wars, Cencorship and The Philosophy of Free Speech
Show Details1hr
WJC Episode 28 Mac's Back
Show Details47min 29s
WJC Episode 27 Revenge of the Edible
Show Details36min 43s
WJC Episode 26 The American Creed
Show Details38min 41s
WJC Episode 25 Final 2020 Episode: Stoic Indifference and New Years Resolutions
Show Details29min 47s
WJC Episode 24 The Symbology and Psychology of The First Edibles Trip
Show Details33min 20s
WJC Episode 23 Christianity, Holy Wars, Bhuddism and Stoicism
Show Details1hr 11min
WJC Episode 22 Are The Young Yearning for Meaningful Lives?
Show Details55min 56s
WJC Episode XXI What Does Socratic/Kynic Self-Sufficiency Mean? ft Mac
Show Details51min 16s
WJC Episode 20 Conversations on Religion Part III Judaism ft Mac
Show Details47min 1s
WJC Episode 19 Conversations on Religion Part II Islam ft Mac
Show Details42min 40s
WJC Episode 18 Hidden Knowledge and Spiritual Journeys of The Pre-Christians ft Mac
Show Details1hr 9min
WJC Episode 17 Covid-19 Diatribe Part II Lockdowns ft Mac
Show Details1hr 35min
WJC Episode 16 Origion of Covid-19 Discussion and Diatribes ft Mac
Show Details1hr 2min
WJC Episode 15 Responding to Shocking Incel Posts From 4chan ft Mac
Show Details1hr 5min
WJC Episode 14 Language Learning Wisdom and Tactics ft Mac
Show Details1hr 6min
WJC Episode 13 The Chinese legend That Inspired DBZ +Spoilers ft Mac
Show Details1hr 7min
WJC Episode XII The Matrix In 2020: Interpreting the Allegories and Philosophies ft Mac
Show Details1hr 7min
WJC Episode XI Musashi Miyamoto&Samurai Philosophy ft Mac
Show Details45min 7s
WJC Episode X Self-Sufficiency and Doomsday Prepping ft Mac
Show Details53min 41s
WJC Episode IX Psychedelics and Bruce Lee's Philosophy ft Mac
Show Details1hr 9min
WJC Episode VIII Crazy China Chronicles with Warrior Philosopher Mac
Show Details1hr 46min
WJC Episode VII Before Marcus Aurelius, Zeno the Cynic
Show Details1hr 37min
WJC Episode VI Followers of Diogenes The Dog
Show Details1hr 34min
WJC Episode V The Dog Philosphy and Alexander The Great
Show Details1hr 4min
WJC Episode IV Socrates Gone Mad
Show Details2hr 6min
WJC Episode III Socrates and Antisthenes Roles in Cynicism
Show Details1hr 36min
WJC Episode II cynicism vs Cynicism
Show Details46min 33s
WJC Episode I Genesis and Moonlight
Show Details2hr 8min