Wine Jar Cynics

Hope is the illness of romantics and doubt is the illness of cynics.

Stay tuned for Dio&Gene's Socratic dialogues on various topics.


WJC Episode VII Before Marcus Aurelius, Zeno the Cynic
Show Details1hr 37min
WJC Episode VI Followers of Diogenes The Dog
Show Details1hr 34min
WJC Episode V The Dog Philosphy and Alexander The Great
Show Details1hr 4min
WJC Episode IV Socrates Gone Mad
Show Details2hr 6min
WJC Episode III Socrates and Antisthenes Roles in Cynicism
Show Details1hr 36min
WJC Episode II cynicism vs Cynicism
Show Details46min 33s
WJC Episode I Genesis and Moonlight
Show Details2hr 8min