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Your Favorite Tiktok Family: Read, Inka, Wayne, Andrew...maybe Josh


Encountering Racism, Our Exes, and playing the SO game-EP14- Mafiamily Podcast
Show Details58min 18s
SPECIAL FAN Q&A(Fandom Stereotypes, dating each other)-EP 13- Mafiamily Podcast
Show Details58min 11s
Cancel Culture, Toxic Masculinity, and Justin Bieber feat. Kenny Nguyen- EP12- Mafiamily Podcast
Show Details1hr 11min
How we stay fit and gorgeous: Our Fitness Routines, diets, and journey- EP11 - The Mafiamily Podcast
Show Details56min 22s
Are we Hot, Pretty, Beautiful, or Handsome? What's our Flirting Styles? EP 10 The Mafiamily Podcast
Show Details56min 53s
Dealing with heartbreak, depression, overweight, and one sided love- EP9- The Mafiamily Podcast
Show Details57min 45s
Our First Impressions, our role models, and social media success- EP8 - The Mafiamily Podcast
Show Details52min 26s
Cancel Culture, toxic fans, first date impressions, and our physical preferences
Show Details55min 13s
How to use trauma as motivation, how we moved on, and unhealthy habits
Show Details41min 26s
So You wanna be an Influencer? Inside details on the Lifestyle, hate comments, and going viral
Show Details39min 27s
Dating Friends, hookup culture, marriage, long distance relationships, and falling out of love
Show Details1hr 2min
Fighting Insecurities, unhealthy/healthy ways we deal with them
Show Details1hr 2min
High School Love Triangles, Cutting out Friends!!
Show Details42min
Red Flags, our Ideal Partner, and our Non-negotiables when Dating
Show Details1hr 5min