Flavor In Your Ear With Marques Edwards

Flavor In Your Ear podcast hosted by Chicago native Marques Edwards. Exposing his many scattered thoughts, experiences and friendships that make for an entertaining audio ride filled with variety. Included are personal journals , sarcasm, laughs, discussions , and multiple viewpoints. In his effort to give back to the world, assist him by lending an ear and hearing his unique life story that began in Englewood Chicago, took a pit stop in Southern Israel and continues as an internationally traveled US Air Force veteran. This show is founded to promote not only himself and his vision but also to share the many Goals of his family, friends and show guest. The goal of this show is to help propel his dream of creating a Non Profit Organization geared at providing for kids that are less fortunate the opportunity to travel and experience the world. No telling what each episode will hold! Flavor in Your Ear bursts into the podcast community full of enigma. If you get easily offended ,this may not be your cup of tea. Now that you’ve been welcomed, Grab your ear buds or turn up the volume in your speakers to enjoy the audio journeys of Flavor in Your Ear Podcast with Marques Edwards.


Episode: 13 Part 2/2 Meet Bet The House Ft Ken Boyd
Show Details25min 39s
Episode : 12 Part 1 Meet Bet The House Podcast Ft Ken Boyd
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Chit-Chatting With Girls Part 3 FT: Sadie & Camille
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Pure Heart Of Gold Ep. 10
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Part 2 BAM SnoBalls With Jamari & Jamal Sharp
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Special Crossover Weekly Wisdom
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Part 1 - Keys to Start from Nothing With Jamal and Jamari Sharp
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Is Poverty our own fault? Is TRUE people Equality a myth?
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Is Overseas Life better than Life in the USA?
Show Details21min 2s
Flavor In Your Ear 2
Show Details20min 32s
[Forbidden Flavors] Prelude Part 2
Show Details41min 1s
[Forbidden Flavors] Prelude Part 1
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Can you ever make sense to losing a loved one?
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Season 1 Finale
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Season 1 EP 19 Featuring Ohdeliyah Gordon Twisted Aloe CEO
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Season 1 Ep 18 with Deborah Driggs
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Season 1 EP 17 With Doronah Williams
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Season 1 Ep. 16 Autism Acceptance FT. Ariellah Haynes
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Season 1 EP. 15 Virtual Empowerment With Ashley Monroe
Show Details58min 1s
Season 1 EP 14. Keys to The City FT. Keyonna Shuler
Show Details1hr 9min
Season 1 EP 13 Empowerment Through Faith and Spirit FT. Jasmine Madison & Kourtney Rollins
Show Details1hr 30min
Season 1 EP. 12 Pretty Girl Privilege FT. Natural Grown Beauty Monah Fe
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Season 1 Ep. 11 TY's Pineapples
Show Details1hr 25min
Season 1 EP. 10 Unchained Focus
Show Details56min 31s
Season 1 Ep.9 Vday Cuffin Season
Show Details1hr 4min
Season 1 Ep. 8 Cheers to the Future!
Show Details1hr 2min
Season 1 Ep.7 Alcohol Chronicles GIN/WHISKEY Flavored
Show Details1hr 30min
Season 1 Ep.6 Meatless Material
Show Details51min 3s
Season 1 Ep.5 Young Lenses
Show Details53min 21s
Season 1 Ep.4 Low Vision Lover
Show Details49min 47s
Season 1 Ep.3 Special Delivery
Show Details32min 50s
Season 1 Ep.2 Love & Coco Flavor 2020
Show Details1hr 6min
Season 1 Ep.1 My Name is my Name! Original Veterans Flava
Show Details31min 52s
Flavor In Your Ear With Marques Edwards Official Trailer
Show Details1min 18s