Fatal Tales

A true crime podcast hosted by Katie and Azra. Yes we are dating, yes we are bisexual and yes we cover all kinds of cases and some random weird things in our Tiny Tales episodes.


11. The Jonestown Massacre
Show Details1hr 7min
Tiny Tales 6 | San Junipero, Queer Content, & the Conundrum of Black Mirror
Show Details1hr 3min
10. Mr. Cruel | Unsolved
Show Details56min 28s
Tiny Tales 5 | Body Farms
Show Details25min 46s
9. The Ogden Hi-Fi Shop Murders
Show Details57min 24s
8. Jennifer Pan Part 2: A Murder Plot for the Ages
Show Details1hr 2min
Tiny Tales 4 | The Mandela Effect
Show Details25min 21s
7. Jennifer Pan's Twisted Web of Lies | Part 1
Show Details1hr 4min
BONUS | Politics
Show Details1hr 15min
6. The Cleveland Elementary School Shooting
Show Details57min 18s
Tiny Tales 3 | Black Eyed Children
Show Details39min 55s
5. The MacDonald Family Massacre Part 2: Jeffrey's Motive
Show Details1hr 18min
4. The MacDonald Family Massacre Part 1: The Murders
Show Details47min 42s
Tiny Tales 2 | Dear David: Haunted on Twitter
Show Details1hr 4min
2. Megan Huntsman & Christy Sheats: Murderous Moms
Show Details47min 13s
Tiny Tales 1: The Gruesome History of Chainsaws and Childbirth
Show Details31min 2s
1. The Cruel and Twisted Case of Skylar Neese
Show Details55min 30s