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Boys of Summer Podcast

Classic baseball talk with three sort-of smart guys


80 - Bad starts, Braves new field, superstitions
Show Details49min 41s
79 - Biggest Surprise in Season so far? Miggy and the next 3000 hits player?
Show Details52min 1s
78 - New MLB season! CBA review and predictions
Show Details47min 42s
77 - MLB Lockout issues, Hall of Fame, Player Retirements
Show Details56min 19s
76 - Lock out coming?, Free Agents, Year End Awards
Show Details48min 24s
75 - World Series Matchup - Braves, Morton, and should we still hate the Astros?
Show Details51min 37s
74 - MLB Playoffs Surprises, Favorites, and Unlikely Picks
Show Details46min 26s
73 - MLB Playoffs, Cardinals Win Streak, Greatest Managers Ever
Show Details51min
72 - Salary Cap changes?, Best free agents in '22, Little League WS
Show Details49min 48s
71 - Cubs fire sale!, NL Wild West, Panic time for Red Sox and Mets?
Show Details46min 56s
70 - MLB Trade Deadline Talk
Show Details49min 31s
69 - Tokyo Olympics, All-Star Game reviews, Biggest let-down teams
Show Details49min 4s
68 - All Star Game, Snubs, Dodger Drama
Show Details51min 3s
67 - Checking Pitchers, All-stars, Team and Trades
Show Details50min 34s
66 - Pitchers cheating/foreign substances, Mike Marshall remembered, buyers or sellers?
Show Details47min 46s
65 - Old Baseball rules, Ohtani, Pujols, and predictions
Show Details48min 34s
64 - MLB Injuries rate higher, Expansion 2.2 B, Offensive numbers down, celebrations double standard
Show Details45min 15s
63 - MLB Testing New Rules in Single A, DeGrom ready to leave Mets?, MLBTV ratings soar!
Show Details54min 44s
62 - MLB decision to move All Star Game, Who's Hot and Who's Not, One Season Wonders, and Pitch Count
Show Details46min 50s
61 - Not about Roger Maris, Spring Training & New rules for Minor Leagues, All-Irish American lineup
Show Details47min 29s
60 - HOF & Schilling, Remembering Hank Aaron & Tommy Lasorda, etc.
Show Details49min 8s
59 - Holiday Show - Naughty & Nice list in MLB, Best Sports Christmas gifts as a boy, HOF vote 2021
Show Details41min 25s
58 - NL & AL Championship Game, Predictions, & Unexpected World Series Heroes
Show Details36min 35s
57 - MLB Playoffs, Predictions, Remembering the great Bob Gibson
Show Details40min 24s
56 - Trade Deadline, Way to Early Awards, Baseball history trivia.
Show Details48min 36s
55 - MLB Surprise Teams, Best Storylines, Our Takes on the New Rules
Show Details54min 59s
54 - MLB deal for 2020, Mike Trout be a leader, Strange but true Baseball stories, and the best Teams of the 1990's
Show Details54min 47s
Sandlot/Little League Games & Other Baseball Memories
Show Details48min 30s
Master Class - Best Lineup for the 2000's
Show Details48min 52s
Master Class - 90's Decade; our All-Star Line-ups
Show Details49min 8s
50 - Tommy Brady, Spring training, classic baseball talk
Show Details50min 52s
49 - Houston Cheating & the Commish, Comeback players, and famous baseball quotes
Show Details48min 39s
48 - Awesome old time baseball clips and songs
Show Details38min 19s
47 - MLB Cheating, Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox Scandal
Show Details53min
46 - Baseball Holiday Favorites
Show Details43min 3s