Little Sleights

Let me tell you about the person beside the throne.

Here we talk about the women (and sometimes the men) who have been lost to the shadows of history, and try to cast a little light on their lives. They may not have mattered in the grand scheme, but everybody's got their Little Sleights.


A Virginian Double Agent - James Armistead Lafayette
Show Details23min 12s
The Three and A Half Wives of Julius Caesar, Part II | Pompeia and Calpurnia
Show Details19min 43s
The Three and a Half Wives of Julius Caesar, Part I | Cossutia and Cornelia
Show Details15min 47s
The Queen of Lies - Marina Mniszech
Show Details25min 58s
The Displaced, Part 2 - Hiroo Onoda
Show Details16min 20s
The Displaced, Part 1 - Cynthia Ann Parker
Show Details18min 51s
The African Princess - Anna Kingsley
Show Details31min 11s
The Woman in The Wax - Marie Tussaud
Show Details21min 18s
The Great Imposter Part 2 - Giorgio Perlasca
Show Details20min 23s
The Great Imposter Part I - Giorgio Perlasca
Show Details18min 33s
The Byzantine Phoenix - Theodora
Show Details17min 41s
The Sawbones Suffragette - Mary Edwards Walker
Show Details17min
The Devils in the Details
Show Details14min 6s
The Last Empress - Xochitl
Show Details14min 54s
The Lost Fourths - Berenice/Arsinoe
Show Details14min 10s
The Shadow on the Wall - Branwell Bronte
Show Details16min 52s
The Restoration Cinderella - Nell Gwyn
Show Details18min 38s
The Living Muse - Aspasia of Miletus
Show Details14min 58s
The Original Iron Lady - Clementine Churchill
Show Details22min 50s
The Bride of Transylvania - Justina Szilágyi
Show Details14min 37s