• How to set goals and achieve them

    In this episode, we give an update on our current lifestyles and give you advice on how to set your own goals and some tips to make achieving those goals easier for you.

    E7 - 35m - Mar 1, 2021
  • So you want to start a diet plan

    In this episode we talk about the beginning steps of starting a diet plan, how to decide which one suits you best, and how to continue to maintain your diet into the future

    E6 - 42m - Feb 8, 2021
  • Is counting calories working for you? Update on our weight loss journey

    A little detour from what we promised you last week, this week we decided to summarize essentially our journey so far (1 month in) and talk about what we feel has worked so far and how we plan on changing our diets and workouts going forward to lose weight and live a happier lifestyle

    E5 - 37m - Feb 1, 2021
  • So you wanna start lifting

    We discuss the steps that we would suggest to someone new that wants to start going to the gym. The mindset you should have and some beginner steps to get comfortable in your new environment.

    E4 - 33m - Jan 25, 2021
  • Our Workouts to lose weight

    In this episode we discuss our current workout plans, what cause them to be derailed and how we adjusted, as well as our opinion on the best way to start a workout plan when going to the gym for the first time.

    E3 - 49m - Jan 18, 2021
  • Our diets to lose weight

    This week we discuss our current diets and go into discussion about cravings and pregame diets for athletes

    E2 - 35m - Jan 11, 2021
  • Intro

    An intro to our podcast, giving a history of our fitness journey and how we go to the point we are today.

    E1 - 24m - Jan 4, 2021
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