Chisme y Algo mas

As the world is going through a pandemic two young souls embark on a wonderful journey full of laughs, facts, chismes y algo mas! Join your hosts Eli and Omar weekly as they proceed through this light-hearted journey.


Recording on the go
Show Details45min 30s
Chismiando with Susana
Show Details52min 40s
Cancel Culture, Trolls, y mas
Show Details43min 59s
Pod full of Polls
Show Details30min 45s
Cobra Kai, Mulan, y algo mas
Show Details48min 1s
Chisme y Conspiracies
Show Details42min 52s
Chismiando with our FIRST guest
Show Details46min 44s
Podcasting in a full mexican household
Show Details51min 21s
Chisme y Algo mas-episode 1
Show Details12min 38s