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Do you need motivation to start or continue living your best life? If you do, you're in the right place. This is your weekly source for tips and motivation about improving your life and being your best self. Come with me and get ready to start your week with joy and excitement!



EP12 - How to be a (nice) BAD BLEEP
Show Details6min 15s
EP11 - Don’t let school ruin your education
Show Details7min 16s
EP10 - thoughts of an INFJ+what are personality types
Show Details9min 35s
EP9 - What are our limiting subconscious beliefs and how can we get rid of them to start being our best selves
Show Details9min 21s
EP8 - How to be more lighthearted and playful
Show Details8min 8s
EP7 - Habits to add into your routine in 2021
Show Details15min 40s
EP6 - How to start 2021 with the right foot
Show Details15min 6s
EP5 - How to get everything you desire (and achieve all of your goals)
Show Details22min 46s
EP4 - How to have more free time and get less stressed about what you have to do (tips from my personal experience)
Show Details12min 45s
EP3 - Why you should read
Show Details10min 56s
EP2 - How to read faster
Show Details9min 50s
EP1 - How to stop overthinking
Show Details10min 43s