Criss Cross Applesauce

Heyooo it's Oskar! are you bored and or lonely? Are you in need of some comedic relief from someone who wont shut up? Well this podcast is just for you!


Episode 9: The MOST Depressing Episode & Yik Yak
Show Details25min 28s
Episode 8: Tik Toks & Depression
Show Details20min 33s
Episode 7: Update
Show Details16min 38s
Episode 6: The Takeover Episode (with Gianna Kennedy, Diego Marquez, and Andre De Santos)
Show Details49min
Episode 5: The Andre Episode
Show Details38min 3s
Episode 4: P's & Q's
Show Details37min 46s
Episode 3: The track meet
Show Details30min 56s
Episode 2: I beat up Baby Peanut
Show Details31min 7s
Episode 1: Pilot
Show Details8min 58s