Culinary School Stories

Culinary School Stories is a weekly podcast with engaging interviews that shares the stories of people from around the world that have an association with a culinary school in some way. Every Monday we bring you the best stories from people around the food service world whose lives have been influenced, impacted, touched and/or enriched, for good or for bad, from their culinary school experience. And this Podcast is dedicated to telling their story!

From current students and alumni, to faculty and administrators, this interview-style podcast allows for longer, more in-depth, open discussions about issues, stories and tales surrounding culinary school. We hope you will listen in and learn what each of our guests has to say as we talk to them about their relationship to culinary school, as well as their journey, the people who helped them, and their goals and dreams for the future. Join us as we ask and discover, “What’s your culinary school story?”

NOTE: This podcast does not endorse the statements made by it's guests; views expressed on this podcast are the opinions of the guests only.


Story #023 - Samuel Spencer
Show Details37min 43s
Story #022 - Amber Plecha
Show Details1hr 14min
Story #021 - Rizwan Yargatti
Show Details47min 14s
Story #020 - Linda Kender
Show Details1hr 6min
Story #019 - Keisha Prosser
Show Details49min 23s
Story #018 - John McFadden
Show Details57min 10s
Story #017 - Maureen Choate
Show Details54min 6s
Story #016 - Jennifer Lewis
Show Details46min 35s
Story #015 - Sam Glass
Show Details1hr 3min
Story #014 - Joseph Keefer
Show Details51min 56s
Story #013 - Stacey Welch-Andrade
Show Details53min 56s
Story #012 - Christopher Terry
Show Details52min 38s
Story #011 - Nikki Pettineo
Show Details32min 34s
Story #010 - Keshawn Adams
Show Details35min 12s
Story #009 - Greg Gorgone
Show Details1hr 1min
Story #008 - Halie Wallace
Show Details45min 22s
Story #007 - Jacob Anguiano
Show Details34min 33s
Story #006 - Luis Young
Show Details39min 9s
Story #005 - Tamara Earl
Show Details32min 42s
Story #004 - Doug Wisnioski
Show Details32min 57s
Story #003 - Jordan Fulchiero
Show Details34min 59s
Story #002 - John Noble Masi
Show Details50min 30s
Story #001 - Will Glass
Show Details41min 56s
Story #000 - Culinary School Stories Trailer
Show Details3min