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Episode 13 | We're Just Basic (Fav and Least Fav Tropes in Anime)
Show Details44min 22s
Episode 12.5 | Anything is Better than Being a Yeagerist Part 2 (Aot S4 P1 Review)
Show Details44min 7s
Episode 12 | Fuck Eren Pt1 (AoT S4 P1 Review)
Show Details50min 27s
Episode 11 | Blaire & Charity Present Characters that are Totally Gay (ft KaseyDidWhat)
Show Details42min 12s
Episode 10 | Simping For Waifus
Show Details41min 41s
Episode 9 | Guess the Anime (ft Chance Cota)
Show Details35min 21s
Episdoe 8 | What Were We Thinking! (First Cosplays)
Show Details37min 6s
Episode 7 | One Happy Poly (ft Jalitza Delgado)
Show Details35min 1s
Episode 6 | Just Pain (Angel Beats Review)
Show Details38min 3s
Episode 5 | Name That OP!
Show Details21min 25s
Episode 4 | The Time We Were Called Pedophiles
Show Details27min 17s
Episode 3 | Don't Bite Your Friends (Con Stories)
Show Details27min 31s
Episode 2 | Disappointment, More Disappointment, & Kins
Show Details27min 16s
Episode 1 | Welcome to Our Show
Show Details17min 55s